Greatest Hits 2011: The Year’s Top 10 Stories on GenesisNews

In Best of 2011 on December 22, 2011 at 8:38 am

Yes, it’s that time of year again, and we are more than delighted to present to you, dear reader, the top ten postings for 2011 as created by total visitor numbers! These are the ten individual stories from 2011 that gained the highest viewing figures as recorded by our hosts at WordPress. As with all of the very best “top ten’s” we feel the need to announce these in reverse order!

10. At ten we have the first UK installation of the MGi DP8700XL digital print machine, which took place at Print Select in October of this year.

9. One place up, we have our friends from Nustream Europe, and a release of a new workflow product, Nuflow. News of the workflow software made the papers in July.

8. It’s been another busy year for Xeikon with its digital label presses. The news of this Dublin installation of a 3300 at Labelworld got you interested.

7. In June we told you all about the focus on digital presses being taken by the used-machinery specialists at DPM; you read it in numbers!

6. Litho press installations have been at a premium in 2011, but Herald Chase Group added a Ryobi 755 in June of this year to help them to keep up with demand.

5. March saw the announcement of Apex’s April open house and more detail on its ECRM digital print product.

4. Occasional Genesis customer Wave2 made a big impact with its announcement regarding the installation of its software products at Trader Media Ltd in March.

3. Way back in January, we told the print world all about TUK Systems and its £99 entry level CtP solution, iCtPlate.

2. As already mentioned, litho press installations during 2011 were small in number, but Ryobi has kept the numbers up with a 524GX sale at Excel Design & Print in Dewsbury.

1. Our top story of for 2011 is focused on post-press: Morgana Systems announced the release in October of its latest PUR binding solution, the digital printer focused DigiBook 300. You read this story in great numbers, but if you haven’t seen it yet, it is here again for you to enjoy!

2011 Coming to an End!

With 2011 now fast approaching its conclusion, I would like to thank those regular visitors to this site for their continued interest. You have helped to swell the visitor numbers for this blog even more than last year, providing us with a total already exceeding 29,000 visits during the course of 2011! Our all-time visitor numbers sailed way past the 50,000 mark during the course of this year. Thank you once again for your continued interest, and do keep coming back for more. The hot print, packaging, publishing, and communications news will keep flowing throughout 2012! Click here for more info on Genesis Marketing!

Compare this year’s top stories to the Greatest Hits of 2010?


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