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ABC Print Orders UK’s First Ryobi LED-UV Press

In Offset Presses on October 9, 2014 at 7:58 am

Hereford-based ABC Print Group Ltd has ordered the UK’s first Ryobi LED-UV press, with the compact drying unit being incorporated into an order for a Ryobi 924 SRA-1 format offset litho printing press. The equipment has been purchased from, and will be installed by, Apex Digital Graphics, the UK distributor for Ryobi printing equipment.


The four-colour version of Ryobi’s popular 920 Series provides for a maximum vertical paper size is 640 mm, enabling the eight-up printing of A4 size pages and A1 size posters. The versatility of the press extends to stock thickness, with the 920 Series being capable of handling paper ranging from 0.04 mm onion-skin to heavy 0.6 mm card stock.

Above photo shows (left to right): Mike Wooding, Apex Sales Director Southern Region; Neil Handforth, Apex Sales and Marketing Director; Mike Greene, ABC Print Group, Managing Director; Kohei Yatsumoto, Ryobi, International Sales and Marketing Manager; Takaki Yamada, Ryobi, International Sales and Marketing; Garrett McGibney, ABC Print Director; Bob Usher, Managing Director, Apex.

Print Efficiently 2014, Hemel Hempstead, October 7 to 9 and 21 to 23

Star of the show at the current Print Efficiently 2014 event is a Ryobi LED-UV unit which is being demonstrated as part of a B2-format Ryobi 755G press. The drying system was pioneered by Ryobi, with the company unveiling its first such product at Drupa in 2008. Developments in ink technology and manufacture have now caught up with the huge potential offered by LED-based UV drying equipment. LED-UV ink is now available from a host of major ink suppliers, four of which are being demonstrated by Apex at Print Efficiently 2014. This year is likely to see the commercial acceptance of LED-UV in the UK, where it will follow Japan and a number of European countries. The environmental benefits of the technology and the significant cost savings through reduced power consumption are the two outstanding benefits of the equipment. Adding LED-UV also eliminates the need for powder spray, and removes ozone from the process, with the required ducting for extraction – another significant cost element. The stunning productivity and quality of the technique are self-evident when the system is viewed in action.

Commenting on the order for the UK’s first Ryobi LED-UV equipped press, Mike Greene, Managing Director of ABC Print Group, said: “Myself and co-director, Garrett McGibney, were immediately attracted to the technology when we saw it at Ipex earlier this year. Putting ink on paper correctly, in this day and age, is relatively easy – drying, however, is a different issue.

“Most drying solutions that produce a dry-to-the-touch sheet tend to be a big draw on electricity, as well as being hungry on consumables such as coatings or varnish. We all know how the cost of power has increased hugely in recent years, so anything that can minimise consumption has to have huge potential. LED-UV minimises the power costs, improves the process by eliminating the need for consumables, and speeds the drying of sheets – a win-win-win situation!”

ABC Print Group is considered to be the UK’s largest B3-format printer, with equipment that includes the UK’s first ten-colour perfecting B3 press. The company is also familiar with the service and support of Apex Digital Graphics, having utilised DPX Systems polyester-based CtP equipment for many years.

“We had no hesitation about returning to Apex for equipment. They are an excellent company to do business with, and have a great support team,” added Mike Greene.

“The move to the SRA1 format, with the Ryobi 920 press, made all kinds of sense to us. Both Garrett and I are historically familiar with SRA1 machines, and so immediately understood the benefits of the format when Apex began discussions. It means that we can print eight x A4 pages to view, and with the LED-UV added, have a dry to the touch sheet out of the back of the press – the productivity gains of the configuration will be huge to a business like ours, and the savings on both maintenance and cleaning by not having to use powder powder are also important.

“At ABC Print we always aim to keep ahead of the curve with regard to the technology that we bring into the business. This new press configuration is certainly something that we believe will give us an edge over the competition, and will allow us to offer something special to our customers.”

Commenting on the order on behalf of Apex Digital Graphics, Neil Handforth, Sales and Marketing Director, said: “We are delighted of course to have secured an order for the UK’s first LED-UV unit, as well as another 920 Series press. We are convinced that the combination will be a real winner for ABC Print Group. Ryobi’s LED-UV unit really does take drying technology to a new level, with its ability to aid the process on just about any stock, and with significant savings on running costs compared to any other fast drying technique.”

Apex Digital Graphics is showing the Ryobi LED-UV solution in conjunction with a Ryobi 755G press in its showroom during the current Print Efficiently 2014 event in October at its Hemel Hempstead premises.

About ABC Print Group

ABC Print Group occupies floor space of over 14,000 square feet, containing state-of-the-art printing facilities. It is the largest B3 printing business in the UK with 17 units in operation.

MD Mike Greene sums up the business: “For us printing remains a passion. It is a diverse industry and it becomes the crossroads linking technical, commercial and creative skills.

“We work in partnership with our clients to produce the best annual reports, brochures, business stationery, consumer packaging, direct mail, exhibition media, folders, leaflets, newsletters, prospectuses, signage, tourism and visitor guides. Our commitment to repeatable accuracy and quality enables us to provide a superior finished product every time, whilst understanding ever shrinking budgets.

“As Managing Director I am proud to have such a great team working for the company who will ensure that buying print is as easy as ABC.”

For further information on ABC Print Group call 01432 760 700 or visit the web site.

About Apex Digital Graphics 

Apex Digital Graphics Limited is a specialist in the supply and service of pre-press and press equipment. Apex is the official UK distributor for the Ryobi range of printing presses and ECRM polyester platesetters. Apex also distributes the Screen range of thermal and violet platesetters, and the Konica Minolta range of digital printing equipment. The company offers national service coverage, and a one-stop shop for print consumables featuring next day delivery. Apex Digital Graphics can be contacted on 01442 235 236 or via the Apex web site.


Second COLORMAN e:line Install for manroland web

In Newspapers, Offset Presses on September 3, 2014 at 11:36 am


Leading web press manufacturer, manroland web systems, has announced the installation of a second COLORMAN e:line newspaper web press. The model was designed for profitable newspaper production in mid-range runs, combining great printing quality with tailor-made automation.

Some real high-flyers gave their thoughts when the new COLORMAN e:line was inaugurated at Weiss Druck. Company director Georg Weiss commented on the German printing industry; extreme mountaineer Helga Hengge sent her greetings from Mount Everest; and Helmut Markwort, a legend of the German media industry, offered his best wishes to the company and its latest investment. Along with these successful people, the new COLORMAN e:line printing press demonstrated its own impressive capabilities by producing the newspaper Wochenspiegel as a “High-Flyer” special edition.

“Today we have brought a newspaper press into operation enabling us to print faster. Furthermore, it increases the quality of our products, and the operation of the press is better and easier for our employees,” said Georg Weiss, director at Weiss Druck, welcoming his 200 guests. The colourfully illuminated COLORMAN e:line waited for its queue to start-up. Only two years after successfully installing the world’s first 96-page LITHOMAN in Monschau, Weiss Druck has now restructured its cold-set production.

Georg Weiss put the message in a nutshell: “At Weiss, we are high-flyers!” The group, with its 1,200 employees, always aims to offer the complete portfolio of printing technology to its customers.

Second COLORMAN e:line worldwide

The installation of the COLORMAN e:line, featuring two printing towers and one folder, was completed at the end of May 2014. COLORMAN e:line is best suited to producing small runs in an efficient and cost effective way. The machine at at Weiss Druck currently operates at 45,000 cylinder revolutions per hour, with an option to move to 50,000 rev/h.

“The COLORMAN e:line stays flexible due to the future proof system and is designed for future upgrades and extensions,” said Alwin Stadler, Head of Sales and Business Development Digital Printing at manroland web systems. With this in mind the press hall at Weiss Druck has been constructed for potential future expansion and press upgrades.

The new press is now producing the “Wochenspiegel” (618,000 copies) with 22 editions in Berliner format in just 16 hours – significantly faster than the publication was previously produced. Georg Weiss was convinced by the printing quality of the cold-set rotation when he was visiting the other COLORMAN e:line installation at Allgaeuer Zeitungsverlag in Kempten.

(See the COLORMAN e:line in action at Kempten on video

The new operating system features MobilPad, and the high automation of the press includes APL robots for the automatic changing of printing plates. Inline control systems control the colour register with manroland’s InlineRegistration Control, with cut-off is controlled with InlineCutoff Control. Especially well received by operators was the blanket washing system as this helps remove that rather awkward and messy manual cleaning process.

Energy Efficiency

Weiss Druck was also able to introduce another new system to its audience: the in-house heat and power plant went into operation. This now now covers 80% of the current power demand of Weiss Druck. The power station can produce efficient and environmental friendly energy, with some 7,180 tons of CO2 saved each year.

“Due to this, we once more climbed on top – the top of energy efficiency”, said Georg Weiss. An absorption/cooling unit transforms the heat of gas and motor exhaust of the two gas engines into cooling energy. This can then be used for the chill rollers of the company’s heat-set presses. Commenting on this investment Georg Weiss added, “With this we get more independent from the turbulent and hard-to-predict energy market. Energy that is not needed will be fed to the public grid. For me, this is a sign for how energy intensive companies can have a share in energy transition.”

About manroland web systems

The company is a leading manufacturer of web-offset printing systems, substrate transport systems, and post-press products for the digital printing sector. The company provides solutions for commercial web offset, newspaper and digital printing. A worldwide sales and service network also markets ancillary printing equipment and pressroom products, software products and workflow management systems.

manroland web systems (UK) Ltd is based at Unit 7 Kings Grove Industrial Estate, Kings Grove, Maidenhead SL6 4DP. John Ellis is the Managing Director. John can be contacted on 01628 588 090 or via the email address.




Ryobi MHI Graphic Technology Moves Forward

In Offset Presses on August 4, 2014 at 7:52 am
RyobiMHI_2 RT

L to R: Murray Lock, Joint MD, MPL; Mr Kohei Yatsumoto, Head of Sales Europe, Ryobi MHI Graphic Technology Ltd; Mr Keiji Katayama, Vice President, Sales and Service, Ryobi MHI Graphic Technology Ltd; Mark Stribley, Joint MD, MPL

Ryobi MHI Graphic Technology Ltd, the company formed from the marriage of the Mitsubishi and Ryobi press manufacturing businesses, has released detailed information regarding press sales and support in the UK for the Japanese equipment.

The European set-up for the combined business now features MPL Limited, an operating division of M Partners Group, Surrey, which has been named as the European Technical Service Centre for Ryobi MHI, with a focus on new B1 press sales and existing Mitsubishi press products.

As well as providing a direct focus on the sale of the Ryobi V3000 B1 offset press in UK and Eire, MPL will manage the European parts centre for machines previously sold under the Mitsubishi name. This operation has now moved to UK from Holland. The Surrey-based centre is now up and running for dealerships throughout the continent as well as for UK Mitsubishi press users.

As the lead service partners for Europe, MPL will provide service training and support throughout the continent, including service management for new machines during the initial warranty period. The hands-on aspect of European service will be managed by MPL’s European Technical Service Manager, Iain Moxon.

The parts centre is currently stocked with some Euro 2 million worth of spares. MPL has established strong links with US and with Japan to further ensure the swift and effective delivery of spares to current users. Ryobi’s own spares centre in Germany will continue to provide parts for those for the smaller B3, B2, and SRA1 presses originally sold under the Ryobi name, and Apex Digital Graphics will continue to manage the sale and service of those products in the UK.

Commenting on the appointment, Mark Stribley, Joint Managing Director of MPL, said: “We have a strong track record of working with Mitsubishi products in UK since our appointment as a dealer back in 2010. We also bring B1 experience and expertise in sales, support, and marketing from our time spent in the industry.

“We submitted a strong set of plans for how we would expect to run the European operation. Our enthusiasm, industry knowledge, and cost effective plan won the day against a number of other European operations that were keen to manage the business.”

In its new European role MPL will provide both technical support and technical training for dealers throughout Europe, including taking responsibility for warranty of new machines. The company will report directly to Japan.

“The Ryobi / Mitsubishi combination is a well thought through partnership. The companies have come together in the knowledge that the industry and the market have changed significantly due to the march of technology. In our opinion European press suppliers have yet to bite this bullet or to understand the true requirements of the market or the changes that will be needed in their businesses in order to meet those requirements,” added Mr Stribley.

One factor that has a major impact on the Japanese press sector has been the exchange rate. “With the exchange rate for the Yen now coming back in favour of European companies we are now in a much stronger position to purchase Japanese product. The Yen has become significantly more affordable over the last two years, meaning that Japanese imports are now a realistic alternative to European manufactured presses,” commented Mark Stribley.

Whilst the initial price of the machine is an important benchmark, print companies also have to consider reliability of the press. Reliable Japanese products that break down significantly less frequently and require a fraction of the spares consumed by European made machinery offer a very cost effective package.

“Our own data shows us that European manufactured machinery is less than reliable. It suffers from regular breakdowns, associated service visits, and needs all to frequent, and expensive, spare parts. Our calculations show that over the life of a typical German-manufactured B1-six-colour printing press a company can spend an average of £50,000 per annum over five years in spares and service. That, however, is what UK printers have become conditioned to.

“Mitsubishi presses, however, exhibit significantly higher reliability, and much lower operating costs which can therefore be supported by long term capped cost guarantee.”

About M Partners and M Partners Wide

The creation of the M Partners Wide division is the latest development from M Partners, as the company seeks to bring its unique distribution format to the wide format market. The company recently announced its distribution agreement with Korean super-large format machinery manufacturer DGI.

In 2010 M Partners took on the management of both sales and service for Ryobi MHI printing presses in the UK and Ireland. This representation joins established products such as GUK folding and inserting equipment, and Steinemann laminating products. In 2011

M Partners offers manufacturers considerable marketing and business expertise across both the printing and packaging sectors and provides high-quality national coverage for sales, support and technical service.

The Joint Managing Directors established M Partners Ltd in 2006 after gaining many years of industry experience in senior management roles at a major press manufacturer and used equipment dealer. They were responsible for corporate and product marketing for pre-press, press, post-press and service, plus operational control for digital, consumables and used equipment divisions.



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