Printing Industry News Digest No.107, August 4, 2012

In Printing Industry News on August 5, 2012 at 6:51 am

Welcome to Printing Industry News Digest (PIND) issue 107, providing a summary of major news items from the printing, publishing, packaging, digital, and communications technology sectors. PIND incorporates brief summaries and links to the week’s key news stories so that you can look up that all important detail, digging deeper behind the headline.

Olympic fever grips GB, and print plays its part with souvenir brochures aplenty and even gold medal stamps hitting a Post Office near you just one day after presentation of the metal. Update re Super Saturday: there’s going to be a lot of stamps printed!

Under the “print’s not dead” banner, The Times claims a bumper Olympic issue on the first Saturday of the games with an extra 100,000 copies sold of the July 28 souvenir edition.

Right that’s the token Olympic spot (x 2) dealt with. No further mention: promise. A “digital overtaking print” story is always a good contentious one to get things going: in newspaper world, Pearson’s FT Group advised us that online demand had exceeded subscriptions for printed copies for the first time. Digital subscriptions were up 31% to break the 300,000 mark. The FT Group, with ownership of the Financial Times and a 50% stake in The Economist, is expecting to “accelerate the shift from print to digital”.

Meanwhile Penguin publishing, also part of Pearson, has undergone a significant reshaping in recent years to adjust to the digital world. Half-year sales growth of e-books to the tune of 128% suggest they are going in the right direction perhaps, though actual profits might tell a different story.

A downer on digital from The Daily? Murdoch’s tablet newspaper has laid-off close to a third of its staff just 18 months after launch. Suggestions that pages will only format vertically from now on could help save money. Sports pages are the first to suffer. Future text will now be supplied by content partners.

Not in the cloud yet? Mashable offers three reasons why your company still hasn’t moved to the cloud. Meanwhile, if you have, Archy offers a simple Google Drive manager for Mac.

On the subject of Mac, did you get your Mountain Lion all installed and running OK? Our friends at Lifehacker encourage the use of the software update’s own built-in text expansion solution.

In tablet talk Sony’s Microsoft Surface rival is leaked (the same Sony that announced chunky losses in Q1), whilst a similar leak provides info on dock and covers for Nexus 7 (not that struck on the dock! Doesn’t appear to bring much to the party).

And whilst Microsoft Windows 8 and Surface get ever closer, the “Metro” branding is now going further away. In fact the branding that has referred to the boxy, tiled layout will be changing name completely. German retailer Metro AG threatened legal action for infringing on its “Metro” trademark. No news on a new name. Any suggestions?

Following the Raspberry Pi story in tech world? The Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android can now work with it. Sounds like a great dessert at least!

You don’t think some of the UK’s banks have been using Raspberry Pi for their computer systems do you? Just a reminder: do keep those computer systems up-to-date and properly backed-up won’t you. Remember that who-ha with RBS and its tech glitch from a few weeks ago? They have currently put aside £125 million to pay compensation to customers affected by the breakdown. Ouch!

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