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Benson Group to Launch New Web Site at Show

In Packaging on February 26, 2013 at 5:13 pm

iPad Retina GUI PSDBenson Group, one of the UK’s leading privately owned carton printers, will unveil its new, completely re-designed web site at Packaging Innovations 2013, taking place at Birmingham’s NEC, February 27 and 28. The new set of web pages, created with the assistance of long-term Internet technology partner Zeta Communications, brings the Group’s 2008 site bang up to date with a significant focus on tablet and smartphone use.

Commenting on the creation of the new web presence, Nikki Clark, Marketing Manager at Benson Group, said: “When looking at our five-year-old Benson Group web site we had to admit to ourselves that it was becoming a little dated, and had in fact been surpassed in technological terms in certain areas. That is simply down to the speed of development that has taken place in the Internet world. This whole experience has shown us that in fact there are many web sites that are significantly behind the development curve – especially when you try to view them on tablet and smartphone devices.

“Alarming though it might seem, tech industry experts are already convinced that mobile will become the dominant screen before the end of this year, overtaking desktop equipment as the preferred viewing platform. That simple but scary point suggests that if you’re planning and building a new web experience right now, it’s very likely that over 50% of your visitors will be smartphone or tablet users. By extension, therefore, “mobile first” is already here!”

One significant advantage about creating this latest generation of web site is that a company should be able to extract information and feedback from numbers produced via its previous site. “We were able to glean an awful lot of data about what site visitors actually liked on our original Group site from the statistics generated over the last four years. These numbers tell us what areas of the site were most frequently visited and what news items they spent most time on,” said Nikki Clark. “That is tremendously valuable information when looking at the design and usability of the new web based product.”

With regard to the decision to unveil the new version of at Packaging Innovations 2013 Nikki added: “With a focus on tablet and smartphone use, it seemed to make great sense to reveal the new site in an off-site location! Visitors to the show will be able to test our portability claims right there and then!”

The new site includes high-end photography to help showcase Benson Group’s innovative food and healthcare packaging developments. This is combined with a modern, clean look with easy to navigate menu’s.

The new “Know How” section has been produced to help educate new-comers to the packaging industry about carton manufacture and hopefully to help inspire the pack designers of the future. “We have included a number of informative articles, as well as a glossary of terms and a set of advice guides. Our “Interactive Carton” feature explores our most used carton profiles in 3D. Look out for further developments in this section over the following months, we have big plans!” commented Nikki.

In the highly detailed Quality Assurance and Environmental sections we aim to illustrate our commitment to these ever-more-critical areas.

About Benson Group

Benson Group is one of the UK’s leading privately owned printed folding carton suppliers, producing packaging product for both the food retail and healthcare industries for a wide range of UK and European customers.

The business manufactures packaging product at four production sites covering in excess of 400,000 sq ft. Benson Group continues to grow and expects to achieve annual sales for the current financial year in excess of £120 million. Food product manufacturers are the main customers at Bardon and for the company’s two North East facilities in Newcastle and Gateshead. The fourth site in Crewe serves healthcare and consumer care markets. In recent years, investment in new plant and equipment across the four sites totals in excess of £22 million. The group employs in excess of 900 personnel across all four production sites.

Benson Group creates packaging for many well-known companies, brands and retailers. Key account clients across the Group include Two Sisters Food Group, Reckitt Benkiser, Greencore, and Samworth Brothers. The company is an approved supplier for all of the UK’s leading retail chains. Food and healthcare packaging is exported to customers in countries throughout Europe.

For further information on the Benson Group visit the web site.


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Cupit Print Moves Up to 5-Colour Ryobi B2 Press

In Offset Presses on February 26, 2013 at 4:46 pm

F. W. Cupit (Printers) Ltd, Horncastle, Lincolnshire, trading as Cupit Print, has released details regarding the purchase and installation of its largest press to date: a B2-format, five-colour Ryobi 785E offset-litho machine. The press was purchased from its long-term equipment partner, the UK’s exclusive Ryobi distributor, Apex Digital Graphics, Hemel Hempstead.

The new press joins a Ryobi 524GX B3-format, four-colour machine and Ryobi 522HE + NP two colour with numbering and perforating, and replaces an ageing Heidelberg SM74 two-colour perfecting press at the Lincolnshire printer.

Commenting on the new addition, Stephen Newton, director of Cupit Print, said: “Undoubtedly everybody is demanding four-colour printing for their promotional work these days. Our 524GX has been handling all of this over recent years, and has been a tremendous asset to the business, but we needed a larger format press to help speed jobs through the system when we have longer run work to produce.”

The company produces a wide range of commercial and publishing work including promotional leaflets, tourist focused print, and magazine work.

“Business such as a quarterly wildlife publication that we produce – 60 to 70 pages of A4 for a typical issue, and a substantial print run – is now really demanding a B2 machine for economical production. We have also been delighted with the reaction to our upgrade announcement from existing customers, who have already been talking to us about more work now that they know that our capacity has increased.”

In addition to being able to produce five-colour printing in one pass, or four-colours plus a sealer, the Ryobi 785E offers significant advances in terms of short make-readies and other on-press capabilities. “Speed of make-ready is an ever more important factor in litho-printing. Being able to make the Ryobi 785 ready for printing in just a few minutes means that we are able to move from job to job extremely quickly. With run-lengths getting shorter in many cases that is a very important issue,” added Stephen Newton.

Make-ready aids include semi-automatic plate loading, allowing plates to be changed quickly and accurately. The operator simply sets the plate on the positioning pins and presses the button. Ryobi Ink Volume Setter software sends the ink profiles directly to the press from CtP, and the program inking system automatically supplies ink to the rollers to match the image from the start of printing. After the pre-set number of prints has been produced the ink on the rollers is automatically restored to an even state ready for the next job profile.

The compact footprint of the Ryobi machine also scores heavily with commercial printers, where space is often at a premium. Ryobi 780 series machines are highly compact, offering substantial floor-space savings – around 40% compared to a typical B2 machine of a similar configuration. The Ryobi PCS-K Printing Control System is built into the press, providing a significant space-saving feature. This part of the unit allows centralised control of the main operations and settings, such as ink and water volume control, printing parameter settings, fine adjustment of registration, impression pressure, as well as press maintenance information.

Commenting on the installation for Apex Digital Graphics, Neil Handforth, Sales and Marketing Director, said: “We are especially delighted when existing customers seek to expand their litho printing operations. Whilst we now have a significant hand on the digital market ourselves with the Konica Minolta connection, we firmly believe that litho is still the right tool in so many situations. We believe that print quality will be a significant advantage for litho printers for many years to come, especially when combined with the ability to produce best-in-class printing quickly and cost-effectively.”

For further contact details for Cupit Print visit the web site.

About Apex Digital Graphics 

Apex Digital Graphics Limited is a specialist in the supply and service of pre-press and press equipment. Apex is the official UK distributor for the Ryobi range of printing presses and ECRM polyester platesetters. Apex also distributes the Screen range of thermal and violet platesetters, and the Konica Minolta range of digital printing equipment. The company offers national service coverage, and a one-stop shop for print consumables featuring next day delivery. Apex Digital Graphics can be contacted on 01442 235 236 or via the company web site.


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Printing Industry News Digest No.135, February 23, 2013

In Printing Industry News on February 25, 2013 at 4:06 pm

Welcome to Printing Industry News Digest (PIND) issue 135, providing a summary of major news items from the printing, publishing, packaging, digital, and communications technology sectors. PIND incorporates brief summaries and links to the week’s key news stories so that you can look up that all important detail, digging deeper behind the headline.

DigiBook150VidPUR perfect binding is in focus with Morgana Systems. Links to three short videos on the products are well worth a look as PUR moves to short-run digital work. The affordable DigiBook 150 is an entry-level hand-fed machine suited to very small quantities.

Meanwhile many companies expressed joy and delight at the recent Hunkeler Innovation days staged in Switzerland. Many are asking if this is this the new way forward for exhibitions. One voice against might come from Packaging Innovations at the NEC, Birmingham, this coming week.

Digital publishing alternativePublishing, meanwhile, takes centre stage in London where the Publishing & Media Expo happens on Tuesday and Wednesday, at Earls Court.

Such a show is more than likely to have a focus somewhere within on self-publishing. The Guardian offers some sharp thoughts on this revolution for writers. Meanwhile, in the US, a David v. Goliath case is launching with three bookstores taking on the might of Amazon and six of the biggest publishers in America. Where’s your $5 on the outcome?! Restraint of trade is the basic point of focus.

Kindle for JapanWhat is next for books, asks the Guardian. A good question to go to the above show with perhaps. How about a talking book alongside the readable version? Gigaom imagines this to be a working product via your Kindle.

The 4G mobile network has been much in the news this last week, with the UK government and its wildly optimistic valuation taking centre stage. The guys quickest out of the 4G blocks in UK, now known as EE, do not appear to have taken the country by storm with their offering, which may well have influenced the bidding process. 4G should succeed in the long-run, but try giving us a decent network first and then asking for a hike in monthly subs – otherwise its very much like the kings new clothes!

FSamsung Galaxy ICS upgrade?or those at the techie sharp end it will surely come as no surprise to hear talk of double digit growth in the tablet computer market during this last year. Expectations from Forrester are for that to continue in the coming years with a figure of 55% online adult ownership in Western Europe by 2017. That equates to a whopping 147 million units in case you were wondering!

HP7SlateSome of those should certainly be Google Nexus products by our reckoning. With Google retail stores widely tipped to be on the way in the US, it would be good to see a better promotional push of these most excellent tablets. If a seven-inch form factor (or thereabouts) is on your shopping list, why would you buy anything else? Well, HP is now posing an option that might be worth looking at if you can wait until April . . . a $169 price tag (straight UK conversion: £111.44) is a very reasoned argument for the spec.

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