Benson Group to Launch New Web Site at Show

In Packaging on February 26, 2013 at 5:13 pm

iPad Retina GUI PSDBenson Group, one of the UK’s leading privately owned carton printers, will unveil its new, completely re-designed web site at Packaging Innovations 2013, taking place at Birmingham’s NEC, February 27 and 28. The new set of web pages, created with the assistance of long-term Internet technology partner Zeta Communications, brings the Group’s 2008 site bang up to date with a significant focus on tablet and smartphone use.

Commenting on the creation of the new web presence, Nikki Clark, Marketing Manager at Benson Group, said: “When looking at our five-year-old Benson Group web site we had to admit to ourselves that it was becoming a little dated, and had in fact been surpassed in technological terms in certain areas. That is simply down to the speed of development that has taken place in the Internet world. This whole experience has shown us that in fact there are many web sites that are significantly behind the development curve – especially when you try to view them on tablet and smartphone devices.

“Alarming though it might seem, tech industry experts are already convinced that mobile will become the dominant screen before the end of this year, overtaking desktop equipment as the preferred viewing platform. That simple but scary point suggests that if you’re planning and building a new web experience right now, it’s very likely that over 50% of your visitors will be smartphone or tablet users. By extension, therefore, “mobile first” is already here!”

One significant advantage about creating this latest generation of web site is that a company should be able to extract information and feedback from numbers produced via its previous site. “We were able to glean an awful lot of data about what site visitors actually liked on our original Group site from the statistics generated over the last four years. These numbers tell us what areas of the site were most frequently visited and what news items they spent most time on,” said Nikki Clark. “That is tremendously valuable information when looking at the design and usability of the new web based product.”

With regard to the decision to unveil the new version of at Packaging Innovations 2013 Nikki added: “With a focus on tablet and smartphone use, it seemed to make great sense to reveal the new site in an off-site location! Visitors to the show will be able to test our portability claims right there and then!”

The new site includes high-end photography to help showcase Benson Group’s innovative food and healthcare packaging developments. This is combined with a modern, clean look with easy to navigate menu’s.

The new “Know How” section has been produced to help educate new-comers to the packaging industry about carton manufacture and hopefully to help inspire the pack designers of the future. “We have included a number of informative articles, as well as a glossary of terms and a set of advice guides. Our “Interactive Carton” feature explores our most used carton profiles in 3D. Look out for further developments in this section over the following months, we have big plans!” commented Nikki.

In the highly detailed Quality Assurance and Environmental sections we aim to illustrate our commitment to these ever-more-critical areas.

About Benson Group

Benson Group is one of the UK’s leading privately owned printed folding carton suppliers, producing packaging product for both the food retail and healthcare industries for a wide range of UK and European customers.

The business manufactures packaging product at four production sites covering in excess of 400,000 sq ft. Benson Group continues to grow and expects to achieve annual sales for the current financial year in excess of £120 million. Food product manufacturers are the main customers at Bardon and for the company’s two North East facilities in Newcastle and Gateshead. The fourth site in Crewe serves healthcare and consumer care markets. In recent years, investment in new plant and equipment across the four sites totals in excess of £22 million. The group employs in excess of 900 personnel across all four production sites.

Benson Group creates packaging for many well-known companies, brands and retailers. Key account clients across the Group include Two Sisters Food Group, Reckitt Benkiser, Greencore, and Samworth Brothers. The company is an approved supplier for all of the UK’s leading retail chains. Food and healthcare packaging is exported to customers in countries throughout Europe.

For further information on the Benson Group visit the web site.


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