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Morgana Gets Top Marks at University of Glasgow

In Finishing on March 27, 2013 at 4:02 pm

Ray Dickson, Print Unit SupervisorMorgana Systems Ltd, Milton Keynes, the UK’s leading manufacturer of equipment for digital finishing, has installed a range of post-press product at the University of Glasgow’s Print Unit, including folding and creasing equipment and a specialist business card cutting machine, the CardXtra.

The Print Unit within the University of Glasgow undertakes the usual wide range of work associated with university in-plant units. With high quality print created on a Canon ImagePRESS C6010 digital printer, everything from basic stationery to significant sized publications are produced by the small team.

“We produce a surprising amount of business cards for our Schools, Colleges and Institutes within the University,” said Ray Dickson, Print Unit Supervisor at the University. “This assists the University in marketing itself while hosting and attending conferences and other events around the world, hence our investment in the CardXtra business card cutter from Morgana. Our School of Veterinary Medicine, for example, places orders for 5,000 cards at a time, and we were recently handling four separate orders for them at the same time – that’s a lot of business cards! Imagine how long that would have taken to trim on a standard guillotine. The CardXtra, however, just sits there, virtually unattended, cranking out trimmed cards all day long.”

Whilst the CardXtra is the most used finishing machine in the unit, the Morgana DocuFold Pro and AutoCreaser 33 are kept pretty busy too. The touch screen technology with common interface on these to two Morgana products has especially impressed Ray Dickson. “Whilst we have three full time staff, we swell our ranks at busy periods of the year with part-time operators. They come with less experience in print finishing, so the relatively simple operator interface of the Morgana folding and creasing products is a tremendous benefit.”

The Print Unit has to pay its way as a service department within the University. “We have to operate as a full-cost recovery service which means that we have to pay for ourselves and hopefully record a modest surplus too. The equipment that we invest in has to be productive and pay its way. All of the Morgana product that we have purchased has certainly done that – it’s fair to say that each product has proved an excellent investment and an essential piece of equipment.”

The fact that Morgana has a Scottish office was certainly a factor in the decision to purchase from the company. “If nothing else it gives the appearance that Scotland and Scottish businesses really matter to Morgana. Does it make a huge difference on a day-to-day basis? Probably not, the kit has proved very reliable, but it is comforting to know that help is at hand if we need it.

“Local based support was a factor in our decision making, along with build quality, reliability and ease-of-use. The Morgana equipment easily won our vote over the competition and it is to Morgana’s credit that much of the kit is British built!”

About Morgana Systems Limited

Beginning with the launch of the revolutionary AutoCreaser in 2000 Morgana Systems has led the way in developing new and innovative solutions to cope with the special requirements of the digital printer. UK-manufactured Morgana products that have achieved worldwide success during this time include the AutoCreaser, the DigiFold combination creaser and folder, the DocuMaster total finishing system, and several specialist folders, such as the DocuFold and Morgana Major, which offer new levels of automation and ease of use.

Morgana provides an unrivalled range of digital finishing products from the simplest, entry-level creasing units up to highly sophisticated multi-functional systems offering a range of finishing capabilities in a single unit. Latest products from Morgana also incorporate JDF readiness and the ability to handle variable data input.

Morgana’s purpose built factory in Milton Keynes produces more than 4,000 finishing products each year, with over 80% of these destined for the company’s rapidly growing export markets. For further information on Morgana visit the company web site.


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Samworth Challenge: Benson Group Quartet Ready for Action

In Packaging on March 26, 2013 at 4:54 pm

Benson Group Team: Mike Owens, Colin Kunz, Louise Webster, Jonathan Bostock

A team from Benson Group, one of the UK’s leading privately owned printed folding carton manufacturers, has volunteered for the gruelling Samworth Challenge event taking place on June 8th 2013 in and around Loch Lomond, Scotland. The team are competing to raise funds for the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity.

Samworth Brothers, a major UK producer of quality food and customer of Benson Group, has announced details of this, its fourth Charity Challenge, and the first to take place in Scotland, incorporating the breath-taking scenery of the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park.

The organisers are looking forward to welcoming forty teams on each of the first two Saturdays in June to complete the course on foot, in canoes and on bikes and to raise money for their chosen charities. The event incorporates a 9-mile run or walk, a 6.2-mile canoe stage, and a 27-mile bike ride.

The three previous Samworth Brothers Charity Challenge events have been an extraordinary success and have raised over £850,000 to benefit charities both local to the events and nationwide. The charity challenge event and setting is the perfect vehicle to inspire and bring together the group’s employees, customers and suppliers, with the aim of getting as much out of it for the charities supported, as each individual will get on a personal level.

The team of four from Benson Group consists of Bardon site General Manager, Mike Owens; Jonathan Bostock, Group National Accounts Director; Colin Kunz, Group Financial Director; and HR Advisor Louise Webster.

Commenting on behalf of the team, Mike Owens said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to support our much needed air ambulance services as well as one of our most successful and important customers. In the process all four members of the Benson Group team will be pushing the boundaries of their own fitness and endurance, but at the same time taking in some absolutely glorious Scottish scenery. We will be urging our own friends and business associates to give generously to this very worthy cause. None of us know when either ourselves or perhaps a loved one might need the vital service provided by an air ambulance: they perform a most essential role and deserve our wholehearted support.”

Sponsorship for the team or individual members is both invited and most welcome. There are a number of ways to show your support. You can sign up and give details of your donation at; you can text CARD98 £amount to 70070; cash and cheques are certainly welcome (mail for details); or you can donate a prize for the raffle that runs in tandem with the event.

About Benson Group

Benson Group is one of the UK’s leading privately owned printed folding carton suppliers, producing packaging product for both the food retail and healthcare industries for a wide range of UK and European customers.

The business manufactures packaging product at four production sites covering in excess of 400,000 sq ft. Benson Group continues to grow and expects to achieve annual sales for the current financial year in excess of £120 million. Food product manufacturers are the main customers at Bardon and for the company’s two North East facilities in Newcastle and Gateshead. The fourth site in Crewe serves healthcare and consumer care markets. In recent years, investment in new plant and equipment across the four sites totals in excess of £22 million. The group employs in excess of 900 personnel across all four production sites.

Benson Group creates packaging for many well-known companies, brands and retailers. Key account clients across the Group include Two Sisters Food Group, Reckitt Benkiser, Greencore, and Samworth Brothers. The company is an approved supplier for all of the UK’s leading retail chains. Food and healthcare packaging is exported to customers in countries throughout Europe.

For further information on the Benson Group visit the company web site.


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Print Inspection: Are You Still Trusting to Luck?

In Printed Product on March 25, 2013 at 11:33 am


This article is currently featuring in the news blog on the M Partners web site: What is quality in terms of a printed item? How do you evaluate perfect print? Do all brochures need to be exactly the same? Things get a bit more exacting when you talk about postage stamps. Flaws in printed stamps have been known to sell for large sums of money, making fortunes for those that spot them, and making headlines for print for all of the wrong reasons. Money: now there is another thing! Perfection in a £20 note is imperative. Quality is king.

On the subject of money, we also need to appreciate the purchasing power of the great British food producers. Drive a hard bargain they most certainly do, and packaging, of course, is no exception. Customer inspections are now forcing significant financial penalties on printed packaging providers when defects are found. In a market where thin margins are standard, the only solution is to provide detailed inspections post printing, prior to dispatch.

Printers up and down the land are screaming on reading this post: “Our print is perfect!” If we asked for proof, however, could it be provided? Many high security items, as well as packaging, are checked by human eye. How reliable is the human eye? In “technical speak” the human eye can see a variance to a Delta-e level of 5 or perhaps 4 on a good day. An electronic inspection system can work to level 1.

Customers in all walks of life are now demanding 100% inspection, 100% quality. They don’t, of course, expect to pay more for this. What is the printer to do? A change in mind set is required perhaps. Whilst inspection systems might have been seen as an added cost, they now need to be viewed as an essential investment. People are an expensive overhead, and none too reliable when it comes to quality examination. Kit might be an expensive up front cost, but it will be able to pick up on the tiniest flaw, if desired, and will work tirelessly for many a year. Automation will provide an effective ROI by both eliminating customer claims and providing an additional sales argument for your business.

With all of the many challenges facing printing, this basic one of quality produced can be met and answered immediately. We firmly believe that printers will ignore this issue at their peril. Once more we need to take a leaf out of the Japanese business handbook: 100% inspection, 100% quality is recognized as the Japanese standard. Why not make it the British standard too?


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