Quantum Leap in Digital Finishing

In Finishing on April 23, 2013 at 1:52 pm


Digital inline finishing is evolving at lightening speed. In Augsburg, manroland web systems presented the world premiere of its FoldLine finishing system for industrial digital printing. Of equal interest to guests: the book block solution FormerLine and the necessary efficient workflow solutions to go with the equipment.

Ultra-short “regional” runs for newspapers, targeted advertising, and print-on-demand in book printing: digital printing systems create added value for successful publishing. Alwin Stadler, Vice President of Digital Printing at manroland web systems, explains the company’s innovations: “We are establishing finishing as a central system component in digital printing systems and ensuring integration into the customer’s workflow.”

FoldLine for digital newspaper production

The FoldLine finishing system for industrial digital printing celebrated its premiere at this event. The system is able to produce newspapers in any format (tabloid, broadsheet, Berliner) in both in-line and off-line operation. Also included in the FoldLine portfolio are brochures, magazines, and individual book signatures.

FoldLine is designed to produce up to 96-pages (48-pages broadsheet) with a web speed of up to 300 meters per minute and a web width of up to 1,060 mm. The system can output up to 2,700 broadsheet newspaper copies with 32-pages; 9,100 bound brochures; or 14,000 16-page signatures per hour.

FoldLine can quickly be prepared for new jobs. The makeready times for format and paper changes are minimal, and changes to volumes can be made without interrupting production.

The presentation of FoldLine demonstrated what efficient and creative digital newspaper production looks like today. The first product was a 32-page tabloid newspaper in 420 mm x 600 mm format. Eight sections of four pages were collected and folded. The delivered result impressed the visitors: ultra-small print runs under 100 copies can be produced one after another, without any interruptions, even if the total number of pages, or the book structure of the individual editions vary. This tabloid newspaper featured an added variant, a fold for delivery. This means the newspaper was given a quarter fold as a third fold and delivered at a right angle to the folder via the A4 delivery.

FormerLine for digital book production

Producing with print-on-demand to optimize costs, and being fast on the market: these are the challenges of digital book production. The FormerLine system provides for both inline production and offline finishing of pre-printed reels. Together with the VBC collator from manroland web systems, the system generates stacked signatures of up to 6,000 auxiliary-glued books, up to 100 mm thick, per hour.

On show in Augsburg, the FormerLine system displayed its flexibility in offline finishing by producing both book and magazine work. The products varied in format, folding needed, and collection structure, and were placed on a pre-manufactured reel for mixed production. 38-signatures, 8-pages each, were collected for the “Innovations” technical book with 304-pages (bleed size 240 mm x 190 mm; double parallel folding sample). 100 books were produced one after another. Then production was switched to a 42-page specialist magazine in a matter of minutes without manual intervention on the folder or cutter. Consisting of 7-signatures, 6-pages each, the print run included 300 magazines (bleed size 230 mm x 334 mm; accordion folding sample), which were delivered as auxiliary-glued books blocks.

Well networked: printnetwork Bridge and DigiLink

printnetwork Bridge uses a JDF/JMF link to create a complete and efficient digital production workflow. The software connects production preparation, the printing process, and post-press. The system then allows for automated finishing, automatic production change, low printing substrate use, increased productivity, networking with the production environment, and data transfer and reporting to an MIS system.

DigiLink connects the product planning of digital printing and offset printing. Currently, productions are mostly planned and run separately, depending on the process. This can easily result in inefficiencies, higher storage costs, and over-production. DigiLink is a software module from manroland web systems that is available as an upgrade or to complement an existing PECOM PressManager. DigiLink allows planning of offset and digital productions from a central workplace, including parallel monitoring of production during printing and in the mailroom.


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