LEYKAM Let’s Print invests in 64pp LITHOMAN

In Offset Presses on May 20, 2013 at 11:13 am


LEYKAM Let’s Print has ordered a 64-page LITHOMAN for its Moraviapress, Břeclav site in the Czech Republic. Headquartered in Graz, the Austrian business currently numbers among the top commercial printers in Europe. With its latest investment, the LEYKAM Group has further strengthened its position in the East European printing market.

Currently equipped with four rotary presses, the Břeclav team produces magazines, catalogues, and advertising inserts in medium-sized to large runs. Some 50% of production is destined for export. In addition to the Czech market, the company also caters to customers in Central and Eastern Europe. “Our customers will be extremely pleased,” says Michael Steinwidder, Chairman of the Management Board at LEYKAM Let’s Print, with enthusiasm. “The new 64-page LITHOMAN will be one of the most productive, state-of-the-art commercial press systems in Eastern Europe. It will replace an out-dated 16-page rotary press,” he explains.

“Here at LEYKAM, our customers’ requirements are very important to us, especially the need for shorter production times. Our versatile production possibilities allow us to satisfy virtually every product requirement with both efficiency and excellent quality. This makes us a reliable partner for our customers.” With a speed of 50,000 cylinder revolutions per hour, the 64-page LITHOMAN provides the required flexibility. The installation of the new press is scheduled for completion in late 2013.

The new press is equipped with several of manroland web systems autoprint features. AutoJobChange initiates job changeovers automatically as soon as the pre-set value for a run has been reached. Plate changes are fully automated thanks to APL, the AutomaticPlateLoading system. Inline Control systems, which are used to control the cut-off register, ink density, and colour register, ensure the trademark quality of Moraviapress.

At manroland web systems, Vice President Sales, Josef Aumiller, is looking forward to the project: “LEYKAM Let’s Print and manroland web systems are excellent collaborators; we witnessed this once again in Müllendorf last year. We want to pick up on this success in Břeclav.” At the company’s Müllendorf printing site, a 48-page LITHOMAN started production in September 2012. It is the most productive rotary press in Austria, delivering a printing speed of 70,000 cut-offs per hour.



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