Bio-Health Expands: Medica Provides the Packaging

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Licensed herbal medicine provider Bio-Health, Rochester, Kent, has worked closely with Medica Packaging, Crewe, the specialist healthcare packaging supplier within Benson Group, as the company dramatically expands its herbal medicinal product business.

The Kent-based producer of herbal medicinal products, as well as vitamin and mineral food supplements, now has four of its products on the shelves of some 90 Tesco stores across the UK: Periagna, Salvian, Valdrian, and Goodnight [full product details can be found at]. Strong colour coding on each Bio-Health product range is ably supported by Medica Packaging as the packaging specialist produces three key items from one plant. The Benson Group colour management system helped fulfil the clients requirements for colour consistency across the range. All packaging at Medica is produced under one roof, meaning that project management of cartons, patient information leaflets (PILs) and labels is highly efficient.

Bio-Health as a business was firmly behind the 2011 introduction of stringent government legislation introduced for traditional herbal remedies (THRs). “It was most definitely in our interest,” said Vic Perfitt, Managing Director of Bio-Health. “The market was being dragged down with too many cowboys coming into the sector. They were using cheap ingredients to undercut our prices, but providing products that did not live up to customers’ expectations. It gave the whole herbal medicines industry a bad name. We fought hard to get the government to introduce legislation into the sector. Products now have to be licensed.”

Part of the process means inspections for all key suppliers to the company. “In the same way as standard pharmaceutical product suppliers, we have to audit our major suppliers, such as Medica Packaging, and write a report detailing how they adhere to the correct procedures in their business. I am delighted to say that Medica passed all of the tests for good pharmaceutical manufacturing practice. They are able to tick all of the right boxes as far as quality control procedures and quality assurance is concerned.”

Because Medica Packaging is able to produce cartons, leaflets and labels from one production facility, customers such as Bio-Health only need to conduct one site audit for all three packaging elements. “We also incorporate a colour ID system for our products. These distinctive colours are used on the box, the PIL, and the label. The aim is to make it simple for our end user to recognise the right information leaflet for the right product,” added Vic Perfitt. “Because all three elements are printed by one company they are able to ensure with 100% accuracy that the correct Pantone colour is used – even though the printing processes for each element of the packaging are different.”

As per regular pharmaceutical products, Braille information has to be included on the carton, but Bio-Health has gone one step further by adding Braille to the printed label. “In our opinion it is likely that this will become a legal requirement in the near future, but it just makes sense anyway. Blind and partially sighted customers need this information – why would we not want to include it?” said Vic Perfitt.

Commenting on behalf of Medica Packaging, Mark Bradley, Sales Director, said: “Bio-Health are at the forefront of the traditional herbal remedies market. It is a pleasure to work with such a professional company in this fast-growing market. Medica Packaging is at hand to guide THR suppliers through the new packaging legislation so they too can enjoy a share of this emerging sector. The legislation that Bio-Health was very keen to see introduced ensures that both product and packaging has to be of the highest quality.”

About Benson Group

Benson Group is one of the UK’s leading privately owned printed folding carton suppliers, producing packaging product for both the food retail and healthcare industries for a wide range of UK and European customers.

The business manufactures packaging product at four production sites covering in excess of 400,000 sq ft. Benson Group continues to grow and expects to achieve annual sales for the current financial year in excess of £120 million. Food product manufacturers are the main customers at Bardon and for the company’s two North East facilities in Newcastle and Gateshead. The fourth site in Crewe serves healthcare and consumer care markets. In recent years, investment in new plant and equipment across the four sites totals in excess of £22 million. The group employs in excess of 900 personnel across all four production sites.

Benson Group creates packaging for many well-known companies, brands and retailers. Key account clients across the Group include Two Sisters Food Group, Reckitt Benckiser, Greencore, and Samworth Brothers. The company is an approved supplier for all of the UK’s leading retail chains. Food and healthcare packaging is exported to customers in countries throughout Europe.

For further information on the Benson Group visit the web site.



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