2M Print Installs MGI Meteor DP8700XL

In Digital Presses on September 17, 2013 at 9:18 am


2M Print Ltd, printers based in Taverham, just outside of Norwich, has installed the award winning MGI Meteor DP8700XL to complement their HP Indigo for printing out-of-format specialist products including books and photo books.

The French-manufactured digital printing machine was supplied directly by UK distributor MGI Technology. The supplier has offices and showroom facilities in Hemel Hempstead.

Mark and Mike Hipperson of 2M Print were looking for a second digital press to complement their HP Indigo 5500 and had considered various manufacturers, including the option of a second HP Indigo machine. However, the MGI Meteor offered a different perspective due to its unique format capabilities, which were especially well suited to developing 2M Print’s range of products. Mark said: “The attraction of the MGI press is that it offers our customers not only high quality reproduction, but the size of sheet allows us to print digital formats that we previously had to manufacture with tricky finishing techniques using SRA3 substrates. The MGI 8700 can also print on plastic and envelopes which again is unusual and we feel will open up new revenue streams for us.”

The MGI is different from other digital presses as one of the main attractions is its cost effective method of operation, with no click charges, but a digital coverage model. “We have found,” said Mark Hipperson, “that running costs are lower than the average click charge.  If our application does not require the extended format capability of the MGI, we can determine the approximate coverage and cost-per-page to choose which press will be more beneficial to our overall margin. For example, if we were printing letterheads we have almost zero toner cost with the MGI, and are guaranteed 100% laser compatibility. We have experienced no major problems since the Meteor was installed and MGI have looked after us during the production ramp up.”

2M Print Ltd is experiencing an increase in digital printing demand, especially as a producer of high quality photo books. The manufacture of these products will be greatly enhanced by the MGI 8700. Demand is being driven from the company’s online activities as well as interest from their existing customers. The MGI machine differentiates from the usual digital offering and can provide its users with a variety of revenue streams due to the wide variety of work that it can produce. With MGI the potential is always on a faster return on investment being achievable.

MGI Technology is the exclusive UK and Eire distributor for MGI France, the manufacturers of the Meteor range of digital presses, the UVarnish (a flood high speed varnishing system) and Jet Varnish 3D machine which is capable of providing not only spot UV, but can build up the varnish to provide a textured, 3D print finish. David Evans, Director of MGI Technology, said: “There are many established digital printers in the UK who would benefit from an enhanced sheet-fed printing format. Much of the SRA3 sheet fed market has become commoditised. With the MGI Meteor printers are able to offer an extended range of print sizes, and are therefore able to add margin back in their jobs. The MGI Meteor DP8700XL digital press offers these format benefits plus more including the option to print a 1020mm sheet.”

About 2M Print Ltd

2M Print Ltd was formed at the end of 2007 by the father and son team of Mike and Mark Hipperson with the initial intentions of developing the customers and relationships they had formed from their many years in the print industry. The promise was to always to provide fantastic quality, tremendous customer service, plus cutting edge printing technology.

Both Mike and Mark have been in the printing industry for over 25 years. They first joined up when Mark was Managing Director of B2-litho printer Crowes in 2000. Both Mike and Mark could see back at the start of the millennium that the print industry and customer needs were rapidly changing. Long run litho print printing was gradually disappearing and more personalised printing with shorter run lengths was taking its place. When the opportunity arose to set up a new identity focusing on these new purchasing requirements that were happening, both Mike and Mark jumped at the chance. Hence 2M Print Ltd was born.

2M Print now sits proudly centralised in the middle of a fast expanding group of companies all specialising in different areas of print and communications, from Smiley Hippo, the photobook and gifts company, through to 2M Yearbooks, the school printing operation.

The company still deals with many of the customers it started with in 2007, but has also developed into areas of print production which can accommodate printing from one copy upwards, including the most state-of-the-art personalisation where required.

The same quality and service ethos still survives, helping the company thrive with new customers along with new products and challenges. 2M Print Ltd is a printing and communications company run by a team that believe 100% in doing everything to the best of their abilities.

The Investment into the MGI Meteor 8700 was the next logical step in terms of adding capacity to the already impressive armoury of equipment, size of print along with top notch quality were the over ridding factors in the decision to go with the Meteor, this after many months of evaluating the competition.

About MGI Technology

MGI Technology is headquartered in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. The company was founded to sell, distribute and maintain the entire range of MGI digital printing and finishing solutions in the United Kingdom. With its own MGI certified engineers (fully supported by the manufacturer in France), MGI Technology can provide professional services, including after market software solutions that enhance the MGI printing solutions.

MGI Digital Graphic Technology (the manufacturer) was founded in 1982. MGI Digital Graphic Technology designs, manufactures and markets a full and innovative range of multi-substrate (paper, plastics and envelopes) four-colour digital presses, as well as a complete line of versatile finishing solutions, including the revolutionary JETvarnish® digital inkjet spot UV coater, as seen at drupa. and JETcard® digital inkjet six-colour plastic card press.

A key player in the global digital printing market, MGI Digital Graphic Technology has a portfolio comprised of several thousand customers in a wide range of sectors, including graphic industry professionals, Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies, plastic card manufacturers, silk screeners and photo labs.



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