Oris ColourTuner for Digital / Offset Colour Match

In Digital Presses on October 7, 2013 at 7:19 am

Apex Digital Graphics, the official UK distributor of Ryobi printing equipment, has provided a first Apex showing of Oris ColourTuner software: a product that assists printers in matching output from a Konica Minolta digital colour device and an offset press. The software package is being shown at the Print Efficiently 2013 event, being held at the Hemel Hempstead showroom of Apex this week and continuing next week on October 8, 9, and 10.

Oris ColourTuner is a colour management tool that allows profiles to be tweaked in order to match the output of offset litho printing equipment. The product is being shown at Print Efficiently alongside a Konica Minolta C7000 71ppm digital colour device.


“Samples produced and on show during the Print Efficiently event illustrate just how closely the two technologies can be matched,” said Neil Handforth, Sales and Marketing Director at Apex. “Apex’s own pre-press and printing knowledge, combined with superb software such as this package from Oris really can help this digital technology produce fantastic results. When viewed side-by-side even colour experts would find it hard to tell the difference between these samples with the naked eye.


“All print companies really do need to examine this current range of Konica Minolta products with a view to adding a digital capability. There is no reason now not to produce runs of simple and straightforward work, on standard stock, of up to 700 or 800 copies on a digital device: it is simply more cost effective, and these samples prove that quality is not an issue any more.”

About Apex Digital Graphics 

Apex Digital Graphics Limited is a specialist in the supply and service of pre-press and press equipment. Apex is the official UK distributor for the Ryobi range of printing presses and ECRM polyester platesetters. Apex also distributes the Screen range of thermal and violet platesetters, and the Konica Minolta range of digital printing equipment. The company offers national service coverage, and a one-stop shop for print consumables featuring next day delivery. Apex Digital Graphics can be contacted on 01442 235 236 or via the web site.



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