Craftprint Installs Konica Minolta C6000 from Apex

In Digital Presses on November 28, 2013 at 12:23 pm


Craftprint, Horwich, Bolton, has announced the installation of a new C6000 digital printing solution from Konica Minolta. The machine was installed and will be supported by Apex Digital Graphics, Hemel Hempstead and Leeds, a UK distributor for Konica Minolta and the official UK distributor for Ryobi offset printing presses.

The 33-year-old Horwich print business was an early adopter of digital printing and has already been involved in the technology for some 20 years. “Litho is still our dominant production technique, but digital is now responsible for at least 20% of our output, and that is still growing,” said Andrew Tait, Managing Director of Craftprint.

The new C6000 replaces a similar Konica Minolta machine that had reached the end of its lease. “We had no concerns about staying with Konica Minolta equipment: it has worked very well for us. With Apex having announced its presence in to the digital colour market this year, it just made a lot of sense for us to move to them as our supplier.” The company is running the Konica Minolta equipment alongside two Ryobi small offset machines and a DPX System platesetter.

Digital production at Craftprint focuses on a wide range of work including stationery, leaflets, newsletters, and handbooks. “Digital print equipment can produce almost anything these days,” confirmed Andrew Tait. “It is now largely down to run-length. We find our digital pricing starts to become less competitive at around 2,000 copies, but then turnaround is the other factor to consider. Customers will pay something of a premium if they need the work urgently.”

Accurate pricing is the key according to Andrew: an estimating system from Tharstern is employed at Craftprint. The company also worked with the BPIF to undertake a full costing analysis earlier this year to help ensure that it was working with true business costs. “Understanding the true costs in your business is essential,” he confirmed. “It is a tremendous benefit to have somebody from outside of the company come in and undertake a very structured look at our cost and our pricing. We were, actually, very close to where we needed to be, but it is a great help to have that confirmed!”

Konica Minolta’s C6000 creates extraordinary colour and monochrome printed images at up to 60 ppm. The product incorporates real-time image density and colour density control sensors for long-run stability, as well as high-speed scanning, digital colour printing, modular inline finishing capabilities and versatile Image Controller options to fit the demands of any production workflow. The device images at up to 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution with 8-bit processing for smoother, more realistic images. High-performance Image Control options from Konica Minolta and Fiery are combined with Apex’s own pre-press knowledge, colour know-how and technical support. Craftprint has added a bookletmaker output option for the fast and efficient creation of booklet style products.

Commenting on the installation at Craftprint, Neil Handforth, Sales and Marketing Director at Apex Digital Graphics, said: “We are delighted to be working with Andrew and the team at Craftprint. They understand digital print production and have significant experience in the market. The vote of confidence shown by the company in Konica Minolta equipment is yet more evidence that these machines are the right tools for print companies to employ. Great hardware coupled with a colour knowledge that experienced suppliers such as Apex can add creates an effective print solution.”

For more information on digital print production call Craftprint on 01204 694 993.

About Apex Digital Graphics

Apex Digital Graphics Limited is a specialist in the supply and service of pre-press and press equipment. Apex is the official UK distributor for the Ryobi range of printing presses and ECRM polyester platesetters. Apex also distributes the Screen range of thermal and violet platesetters, and the Konica Minolta range of digital printing equipment. The company offers national service coverage, and a one-stop shop for print consumables featuring next day delivery. Apex Digital Graphics can be contacted on 01442 235 236 or via the Apex web site.




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