Denny Bros Purchases Xeikon’s 3500 with ICE Toner

In Digital Presses on March 31, 2014 at 11:20 am


Bury St Edmunds-based specialist printer Denny Brothers has confirmed its first Xeikon digital label press purchase on day two of Ipex 2014, signing an order for a Xeikon 3500 equipped running ICE toner.

Xeikon’s 3500 digital label printing engine can handle substrates up to a width of 516mm, whilst ICE toner allows the engine to image onto heat sensitive substrates, further expanding the use of the press.

Commenting on the purchase of the Xeikon system, Graham Denny, Commercial Director, said: “We have examined the digital label market for over two years, looking at all of the leading suppliers in that time. The wider format of the Xeikon 3500 will allow us to offer something different to our competition.”

Denny Bros sees opportunities for the machine in the healthcare / pharma sectors, and sees the potential for digital to offer serialisation on label production for these markets.

Colin Hunt, Production Director, added: “Run lengths are coming down all the time. It is the right time for us to turn to digital, rather than adding another flexo machine. Customer orders are more typically for a few thousand products rather than 100’s of thousands, and that suits digital perfectly.”

The company’s production staff also visited the Xeikon stand at Ipex in order to view the new digital press purchase, and learn a little about the product from the Xeikon demonstration staff.

The company currently uses Xerox equipment for monochrome digital work.

Denny Bros is especially well known for its innovative “Fix-A-Form” label product. The company’s own web site describes this unique multi-page labelling solution: “When space is at a premium, Fix-a-Form multi-page labels occupy the same area as a standard label, but offer so much more. These inventive labels come in a range of different shapes and sizes that can be personalised to meet your exact requirements.”

ICE Toner

The recently introduced ICE toner is ideal for heat sensitive substrates including PE facestock (polyethylene) and thermal labels. It opens up the potential for a whole range of new applications. PE has a good flexibility and pliability making it widely used for the surface of packaging used on regular and irregular containers which need to keep away from humidity and chemical solvents – typical examples include tubes and bottles which need to be squeezable, or bags that need to be pressed.

Commenting on the development of the toner, Filip Weymans. Director Segment Marketing and Business Development Labels and Packagingat Xeikon, said: “Until now dry toner technology was not expected to be able to work with substrates for this type of job. Following requests from our user base, Xeikon specifically developed ICE toner to be suited for heat sensitive materials and therefore had to push back the boundaries in toner development and digital label printing. ICE toner is undoubtedly a real breakthrough in dry toner technology.

“The new ICE Toner is tailored to the needs of our label customers. Xeikon listens to its customers, and has a team dedicated to product development in this area of the market. ICE toner has been designed to perform at the right temperature, and has been engineered to perfection for this additional demand, delivering only the very best in Xeikon quality. With ICE toner digital label production has just become even more versatile and powerful,” added Filip Weymans.

Xeikon 3500

The unique combination of 1200 x 3600 dots-per-inch addressability and 4-bit variable dot density offers rich colour depth and subtle contrasts across a 516mm wide substrate. Sharp and crisp details enable the addition of the smallest and most intricate images, such as micro text to prevent counterfeiting.

The Xeikon 3500 uses the Pericles screening library. The screen ruling can be adjusted for every image element, resulting in images pleasing to the eye.

An inline densitometer enables the user to calibrate a press to ensure uniform and accurate colour and colour consistency between jobs and between presses. The four process colours plus one of a range of standard or custom-made spot colours provide an extended colour gamut. One-pass opaque white helps to create immaculate images on transparent and metallic label stock.



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