DGI: Super-Wide Format with Super-Warranty

In Wide Format on April 24, 2014 at 10:47 am


M Partners Wide, the Surrey-based wide format operation of M Partners, has announced details of its new “Super-Wide Super-Warranty” package that will provide customers with a five-year, “unlimited mileage” warranty on its DGI super-wide format printers.

The South Korean built DGI Velajet VE 3204D 3.2-meter wide format device provides for up to 120 square meters of production per hour. The fabric focused DGI FG-3206 textile printer can image up to 140 square meters per hour running a six-colour ink set.

Commenting on this latest announcement, Mark Stribley, Joint Managing Director of M Partners Wide, said: “South Korean products lead the world with regard to build-quality and technological advancement – just take a look at how this Asian powerhouse has re-shaped the car market or the computer and technology worlds. Buyers know that if a product says “Made in South Korea” it stands for high-tech, high-quality, and high-performance. We want emphasise that with our “Super-Wide Super-Warranty” approach: these market leading products now come with a warranty that is second to none. No other super-wide format kit comes equipped with this much confidence; no other supplier is prepared to back their build quality for five years!”

“Sign & Digital 2014 is the ideal event at which to shout this latest announcement. Both regular media and fabric prospects will be searching for the best in super-wide at the show – the best is from South Korea, the best is DGI, and the best is supported by a five-year warranty.”

Head of Sales at M Partners Wide, Gary Doman (pictured above with a DGI unit), added: “The UK market has now evolved sufficiently to make investing in high-performance DGI kit the next step. DGI with “Super-Wide Super-Warranty” means that customers can also have 100% confidence that they will be printing product for the next five-years without any questions or concerns: no breakdown costs, no spares costs, just pure, high quality print production. What other super-wide supplier is actually prepared to say that?”

M Partners Wide is UK distributor for DGI wide format products and a reseller for Canon wide format equipment. The company is backing up its equipment focus with specialised servicing, technical support, and a unique finance package. Keep in touch with developments at M Partners Wide by following the business on Twitter @MPartnersWide

About M Partners and M Partners Wide

The creation of the M Partners Wide division is the latest development from M Partners, as the company seeks to bring its unique distribution format to the wide format market. The company recently announced its distribution agreement with Korean manufacturer DGI.

In 2010 M Partners took on the management of both sales and service for Mitsubishi Litho Presses in the UK and Ireland. This representation joins established products such as GUK folding and inserting equipment, and Steinemann laminating products. In 2011

M Partners offers manufacturers considerable marketing and business expertise across both the printing and packaging sectors and provides high-quality national coverage for sales, support and technical service.

The Joint Managing Directors established M Partners Ltd in 2006 after gaining many years of industry experience in senior management roles at a major press manufacturer and used equipment dealer. They were responsible for corporate and product marketing for pre-press, press, post-press and service, plus operational control for digital, consumables and used equipment divisions.



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