Second COLORMAN e:line Install for manroland web

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Leading web press manufacturer, manroland web systems, has announced the installation of a second COLORMAN e:line newspaper web press. The model was designed for profitable newspaper production in mid-range runs, combining great printing quality with tailor-made automation.

Some real high-flyers gave their thoughts when the new COLORMAN e:line was inaugurated at Weiss Druck. Company director Georg Weiss commented on the German printing industry; extreme mountaineer Helga Hengge sent her greetings from Mount Everest; and Helmut Markwort, a legend of the German media industry, offered his best wishes to the company and its latest investment. Along with these successful people, the new COLORMAN e:line printing press demonstrated its own impressive capabilities by producing the newspaper Wochenspiegel as a “High-Flyer” special edition.

“Today we have brought a newspaper press into operation enabling us to print faster. Furthermore, it increases the quality of our products, and the operation of the press is better and easier for our employees,” said Georg Weiss, director at Weiss Druck, welcoming his 200 guests. The colourfully illuminated COLORMAN e:line waited for its queue to start-up. Only two years after successfully installing the world’s first 96-page LITHOMAN in Monschau, Weiss Druck has now restructured its cold-set production.

Georg Weiss put the message in a nutshell: “At Weiss, we are high-flyers!” The group, with its 1,200 employees, always aims to offer the complete portfolio of printing technology to its customers.

Second COLORMAN e:line worldwide

The installation of the COLORMAN e:line, featuring two printing towers and one folder, was completed at the end of May 2014. COLORMAN e:line is best suited to producing small runs in an efficient and cost effective way. The machine at at Weiss Druck currently operates at 45,000 cylinder revolutions per hour, with an option to move to 50,000 rev/h.

“The COLORMAN e:line stays flexible due to the future proof system and is designed for future upgrades and extensions,” said Alwin Stadler, Head of Sales and Business Development Digital Printing at manroland web systems. With this in mind the press hall at Weiss Druck has been constructed for potential future expansion and press upgrades.

The new press is now producing the “Wochenspiegel” (618,000 copies) with 22 editions in Berliner format in just 16 hours – significantly faster than the publication was previously produced. Georg Weiss was convinced by the printing quality of the cold-set rotation when he was visiting the other COLORMAN e:line installation at Allgaeuer Zeitungsverlag in Kempten.

(See the COLORMAN e:line in action at Kempten on video

The new operating system features MobilPad, and the high automation of the press includes APL robots for the automatic changing of printing plates. Inline control systems control the colour register with manroland’s InlineRegistration Control, with cut-off is controlled with InlineCutoff Control. Especially well received by operators was the blanket washing system as this helps remove that rather awkward and messy manual cleaning process.

Energy Efficiency

Weiss Druck was also able to introduce another new system to its audience: the in-house heat and power plant went into operation. This now now covers 80% of the current power demand of Weiss Druck. The power station can produce efficient and environmental friendly energy, with some 7,180 tons of CO2 saved each year.

“Due to this, we once more climbed on top – the top of energy efficiency”, said Georg Weiss. An absorption/cooling unit transforms the heat of gas and motor exhaust of the two gas engines into cooling energy. This can then be used for the chill rollers of the company’s heat-set presses. Commenting on this investment Georg Weiss added, “With this we get more independent from the turbulent and hard-to-predict energy market. Energy that is not needed will be fed to the public grid. For me, this is a sign for how energy intensive companies can have a share in energy transition.”

About manroland web systems

The company is a leading manufacturer of web-offset printing systems, substrate transport systems, and post-press products for the digital printing sector. The company provides solutions for commercial web offset, newspaper and digital printing. A worldwide sales and service network also markets ancillary printing equipment and pressroom products, software products and workflow management systems.

manroland web systems (UK) Ltd is based at Unit 7 Kings Grove Industrial Estate, Kings Grove, Maidenhead SL6 4DP. John Ellis is the Managing Director. John can be contacted on 01628 588 090 or via the email address.





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