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Mitsubishi Parts Centre Flourishing in New UK Home

In Offset Presses on October 30, 2014 at 8:40 am

The new UK based European parts centre for Mitsubishi / Ryobi MHI sheet-fed equipment is now operating at full capacity, servicing the needs of distributors and printers throughout the continent, according to MPL, the business now managing the Kent-based facility. MPL is a division of M Partners Limited, the UK distributor for Ryobi MHI B1 sheet-fed offset litho presses.


The centre is fully equipped with parts for all Mitsubishi sheet-fed presses, and is capable of providing printers with spares for machines purchased over the last 25 years.

Commenting on the near 10,000 square foot facility, Mark Stribley, Joint Managing Director of MPL, said: “This has been a major project for us, but we are delighted to say that we have now moved and re-housed some Euro 1 million worth of spares, and established full contact with all distribution partners, and direct contact with many users of the presses, across the continent.”

MPL took over the spares operation from Mitsubishi, which was housed at the company’s own facility in the Netherlands. “With the changes in the distribution network following the Ryobi and Mitsubishi amalgamation, the spares operations also needed refining and improving. MPL won the contract to manage the facility for Mitsubishi equipment, against stiff European competition, and proceeded to create this new UK based operation,” added Mark Stribley.

The new facility is in direct contact with Japan and USA to ensure the fast delivery of parts when and where necessary. “One difficulty that we have to work with is that Mitsubishi machines don’t break down that often,” said Murray Lock, fellow Joint Managing Director of MPL. “There were an awful lot of items in Holland that had been in stock for years – they were never required by machine owners.”

The impressive reliability of the Ryobi MHI / Mitsubishi presses continues to surprise the owners of the MPL operation, whose previous experience with the supply of printing machinery has been mainly focused on German manufactured presses: “This kit is just so reliable,” confirms Murray Lock. “The annual spend for a Mitsubishi press user is a fraction of that for the owner of a German manufactured machine – and that is comparing presses with a similar throughput. How the industry has never quite grasped this is beyond me. Perhaps the marketing efforts put behind the German equipment have been far too effective!” Mr Lock was previously the Marketing Director of manroland GB.

In addition to the spares facility, MPL is providing a technical service centre for European distributors. “European operations can now approach us for both technical advice and information as well as for training for their own engineers,” explained Mr Stribley. “Every supplier needs quality engineers in the field to help ensure that presses are running to the optimum level. Providing quality service is another reason why Mitsubishi presses just keep on working.”

About M Partners and M Partners Wide

The creation of the M Partners Wide division is the latest development from M Partners, as the company seeks to bring its unique distribution format to the wide format market. The company recently announced its distribution agreement with Korean manufacturer DGI.

In 2010 M Partners took on the management of both sales and service for Mitsubishi Litho Presses in the UK and Ireland. In 2014 it has taken over the parts distribution centre for Mitsubishi products within the new Ryobi MHI combined printing equipment business. This representation joins established products such as GUK folding and inserting equipment, and Steinemann laminating products. 2011 saw the business expand into the digital market following an announcement regarding MGi digital printing and finishing equipment; and market-leading post-press inspection equipment from Mabeg.

M Partners offers manufacturers considerable marketing and business expertise across both the printing and packaging sectors and provides high-quality national coverage for sales, support and technical service.

The Joint Managing Directors established M Partners Ltd in 2006 after gaining many years of industry experience in senior management roles at a major press manufacturer and used equipment dealer. They were responsible for corporate and product marketing for pre-press, press, post-press and service, plus operational control for digital, consumables and used equipment divisions.




PrintIT Students Learn with Print Efficiently

In Offset Presses on October 24, 2014 at 4:19 pm


A group of enthusiastic GCSE and A-Level students enjoyed a visit to Print Efficiently 2014 as an aid to their Design and Technology courses, incorporating the PrintIT module. Apex Digital Graphics, Ryobi press distributor for the UK, hosted the successful Print Efficiently 2014 event, which took place at its Hemel Hempstead facility over six days in October. Student booklets for PrintIT were produced during the event.

The 16 student and three teacher party from Riddlesdown School, Croydon, represent just a fraction of the anticipated 10,000 student enrolment for this year’s PrintIT programme – a student number anticipated to come from some 400 schools. These latest figures indicate a near 100% increase in student numbers from 2013.

“We have been delighted with the uptake this year for our new, revised PrintIT module,” said Amy Moran, Group Marketing Manager for Proskills UK, the organisers of the PrintIT educational programme. “PrintIT is being promoted to schools as an effective module to incorporate within both GCSE and A-Level Design and Technology courses for students. The content has been mapped to course requirements, making it an ideal element for teachers to add into their plans. The structure of the module makes it suitable for a six to eight week section of such a course.”

Many schools will begin their PrintIT course at the beginning of November, but it is still very suitable for a January or February start, meaning that schools are still being welcomed to sign up to the project – details can be obtained via the web page.

“The generosity of Apex and the Print Efficiently partners in hosting these students is very much appreciated. This exhibition represents a fantastic opportunity to show students real printing equipment in action – there are few greater adverts for the industry,” added Amy Moran.

Commenting on behalf of the visitors, Sandra Obike, Design and Technology Course Leader at Riddlesdown School, said: “This visit is just great for the students to gain a first hand experience of seeing the whole process in action. They are able to produce print to a very limited degree in the classroom, but this visit illustrates the industrial process to them – they can see, hear and touch the machinery and the work being produced. It is going to help them enormously in building a proper understanding of the whole process.”

The mix of year 10, 11 and 13 students were able to see pre-press, offset printing, digital printing, and post-press products in action. The equipment was also being put to very good use during the second week of Print Efficiently as it was printing and finishing the course books for the PrintIT module.

Commenting on behalf of the hosts, Apex Digital Graphics, Neil Handforth, Sales and Marketing Director, said: “We have a long-standing link with the PrintIT team and have enjoyed offering our facilities for school tours in previous years. I believe that we all have a duty to offer youngsters an insight into the world of print – it is still one of the most exciting industries to be involved in. There are so many facets to printing: graphic and structural design, the technology aspect of pre-press, the electro-mechanical core of the printing equipment itself, and the technical demands of post-press products, to name but a few. There is something to excite everybody.”

Apex and IFS have been involved in the production of student workbooks during the second week of the Print Efficiently event. The A4 format, saddle-stitched publications will be printed on Apex’s Ryobi 755G press and finished on post-press equipment from IFS. The workbooks are 20-30 pages long, bound, and sent out to schools for students to complete as a part of their course.  The printed products contain worksheets, industry processes, exercises, and design boards.

PrintIT! is run by the charity Proskills and teaches students about the print and packaging industries.  With a focus on designing a print product for Fairtrade, schools are provided with lessons plans, resources, and workbooks entirely free of charge.  The aim is to encourage the next generation of young people to get excited about print and packaging. To date, the programme has been enjoyed over 140,000 students from around 2,000 schools.  Every year student entries are judged by a panel of industry experts, with awards and prizes being presented to both students and schools.  View a video of last year’s awards at

About Apex Digital Graphics 

Apex Digital Graphics Limited is a specialist in the supply and service of pre-press and press equipment. Apex is the official UK distributor for the Ryobi range of printing presses and ECRM polyester platesetters. Apex also distributes the Screen range of thermal and violet platesetters, and the Konica Minolta range of digital printing equipment. The company offers national service coverage, and a one-stop shop for print consumables featuring next day delivery. Apex Digital Graphics can be contacted on 01442 235 236 or via the web site.


Twenty10 Digital Installs DigiBook 200 PUR Binder

In Finishing on October 22, 2014 at 8:12 am

Twenty10 Digital, Northampton, has become one of the first UK print businesses to install a Morgana DigiBook 200 PUR perfect binding machine. Morgana Systems Ltd, Milton Keynes, the UK’s leading manufacturer of equipment for digital finishing, launched the DigiBook 200 earlier this year at Ipex 2014 as the latest addition to its popular PUR perfect binder range.


The newest model in the range sits above the entry level DigiBook 150, featuring more automation than the basic version. As hinted at in the name, the product can bind up to 200 books per hour.

Commenting on the purchase, Paul Riley, Managing Director of Twenty10 Digital, said: “Nobody in the Northampton area has anything like this. We were struggling to find a quality PUR binding service that was even relatively local. We did find, however, that binding services that we were able to use wanted 30 or 40 overs for jobs of just a few hundred copies in order to set-up their equipment. That kind of additional print demand can make a huge difference between making a profit or not on a digital job!

“The only solution was for us to install our own short-run PUR solution. Twenty10 has been a Morgana customer for a good few years now, and their PUR products had a very good reputation in the industry. When we saw the DigiBook 200 in action we knew that it was the product to solve our difficulties. We have already started to bring in trade binding work from other print operations in the area. The fast set-up and quality bind produced by the DigiBook 200 is a fantastic combination.”

Passing comment on this latest addition to the PUR range, Ray Hillhouse, Sales and Marketing Director at Morgana Systems, said: “Customers like the range that we offer, but they had been asking for that perfect product: the one that sits just above entry level, but is not as expensive as the 300 books per hour model! We introduced the DigiBook 200 at Ipex earlier this year and it was extraordinarily well received. As with any new product, it took us a little while to get finished production machines out into the market, but the early orders are now being installed, and customers are delighted with the productivity and quality they are producing with the product.

“The book block measuring capability is typical of the features that have been added to this unit. It sets the heads automatically, meaning that users can switch from one size of book to another very swiftly and easily. The gluing heads are the same across the range, so the bind quality is identical.”

The DigiBook 200 handles spine lengths from 110 to 320mm and the maximum thickness is 50mm. Retractable spine milling means that the device can go from soft- to hard-cover binding at the flick of a switch. Side gluing for the cover hinge is adjustable depending upon the cover style required.

Adding further user comment, Paul Riley is especially pleased with the added flexibility the new binding system has provided: “We are more than happy now to consider a run length of one copy! One major new customer requires “prototype copies” of their entire catalogue before the final full run is produced. To print these press-proofs digitally and then bind them with DigiBook 200 is so easy and simple – and the customer is extremely impressed with the presentation. For another job that appeared this week, we had to remove the cover from an existing publication; print a new updated page; and then re-bind the product. It was only 100 copies, and that just would not have been possible to do with out the DigiBook 200.”

The company is also producing mechanics publications for Suzuki UK. Whilst a CD is made available to dealerships, mechanics far prefer a printed paper version of the books – they can find things a lot easier, the medium is far more portable, and users can add their own notes to a page if necessary. The significant thickness of the publications, along with the none to gentle handling in the workshop, demand quality PUR binding.

Demand for PUR binding from digital printers has been growing swiftly in recent years. The DigiBook range from Morgana Systems has proved extremely popular with print operations seeking a more effective and substantial bind than that offered by regular hot-melt devices.

Twenty10 Digital is used to finishing work with Morgana quality equipment – the company already runs a wide range of product from the Milton Keynes based manufacturer, including a CardXtra for business card and other small format jobs; a DocuMaster for bookletmaking; a Matrix laminator; Rhin-o-Tuff wire-o binding product; and a Morgana Major Folder.

PUR Range

The DigiBook range of machines are suited to both traditional and digital printers who require either short-run or production capacity PUR perfect bound books to a professional standard. The innovative DigiBook range of machines are equipped with a patented closed gluing system, where the spine and side gluing is applied by a slot applicator for the utmost binding quality and accuracy.

DigiBook machines are innovative bookbinding products designed and built for the very latest market requirements. They are easy to use, even by non-specialised personnel, via a touch screen panel with icon graphics, suitable for the programming of all precision operations in just a few seconds. These include both start-up and shutdown and use a new, innovative system that is covered by a number of international patents.

The applicator is direct, and is hermetically sealed, without odour or toxic fume emissions, meaning that no extractor fan is required. This solution allows for the use of polyurethane glue in cartridges of up to 3kg, all adding up to simple and waste-free binding.

About Twenty10 Digital

The philosophy behind the business was to bring together the very best people, technology, and processes to create work that everybody involved could feel extremely proud. The company employs a total of six personnel generating a turnover in excess of £500,000. Twenty10 has been nominated for several national print awards, and has made a huge impact on the digital print world. The business is quickly setting the standards for others to follow.

About Morgana Systems Limited

Morgana Systems Limited provides an unrivalled range of digital finishing products from the simplest, entry-level creasing units through to highly sophisticated multi-functional systems offering a range of finishing capabilities in a single unit. Since its acquisition by Plockmatic in 2013 the product portfolio has been extended with a wide range of booklet making systems to meet every production requirement.

Beginning with the launch of the revolutionary AutoCreaser in 2000, Morgana Systems has led the way in developing new and innovative solutions to cope with the special requirements of the digital printer. Morgana products that have achieved worldwide success during this time include the AutoCreaser, the DigiFold combination creaser and folder, the DocuMaster total finishing system, and several specialist folders.

Morgana’s purpose built factory in Milton Keynes produces more than 4,000 finishing products each year, with over 80% of these destined for the company’s rapidly growing export markets.

Full details of Morgana’s product line-up can be found at:


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