Mitsubishi Parts Centre Flourishing in New UK Home

In Offset Presses on October 30, 2014 at 8:40 am

The new UK based European parts centre for Mitsubishi / Ryobi MHI sheet-fed equipment is now operating at full capacity, servicing the needs of distributors and printers throughout the continent, according to MPL, the business now managing the Kent-based facility. MPL is a division of M Partners Limited, the UK distributor for Ryobi MHI B1 sheet-fed offset litho presses.


The centre is fully equipped with parts for all Mitsubishi sheet-fed presses, and is capable of providing printers with spares for machines purchased over the last 25 years.

Commenting on the near 10,000 square foot facility, Mark Stribley, Joint Managing Director of MPL, said: “This has been a major project for us, but we are delighted to say that we have now moved and re-housed some Euro 1 million worth of spares, and established full contact with all distribution partners, and direct contact with many users of the presses, across the continent.”

MPL took over the spares operation from Mitsubishi, which was housed at the company’s own facility in the Netherlands. “With the changes in the distribution network following the Ryobi and Mitsubishi amalgamation, the spares operations also needed refining and improving. MPL won the contract to manage the facility for Mitsubishi equipment, against stiff European competition, and proceeded to create this new UK based operation,” added Mark Stribley.

The new facility is in direct contact with Japan and USA to ensure the fast delivery of parts when and where necessary. “One difficulty that we have to work with is that Mitsubishi machines don’t break down that often,” said Murray Lock, fellow Joint Managing Director of MPL. “There were an awful lot of items in Holland that had been in stock for years – they were never required by machine owners.”

The impressive reliability of the Ryobi MHI / Mitsubishi presses continues to surprise the owners of the MPL operation, whose previous experience with the supply of printing machinery has been mainly focused on German manufactured presses: “This kit is just so reliable,” confirms Murray Lock. “The annual spend for a Mitsubishi press user is a fraction of that for the owner of a German manufactured machine – and that is comparing presses with a similar throughput. How the industry has never quite grasped this is beyond me. Perhaps the marketing efforts put behind the German equipment have been far too effective!” Mr Lock was previously the Marketing Director of manroland GB.

In addition to the spares facility, MPL is providing a technical service centre for European distributors. “European operations can now approach us for both technical advice and information as well as for training for their own engineers,” explained Mr Stribley. “Every supplier needs quality engineers in the field to help ensure that presses are running to the optimum level. Providing quality service is another reason why Mitsubishi presses just keep on working.”

About M Partners and M Partners Wide

The creation of the M Partners Wide division is the latest development from M Partners, as the company seeks to bring its unique distribution format to the wide format market. The company recently announced its distribution agreement with Korean manufacturer DGI.

In 2010 M Partners took on the management of both sales and service for Mitsubishi Litho Presses in the UK and Ireland. In 2014 it has taken over the parts distribution centre for Mitsubishi products within the new Ryobi MHI combined printing equipment business. This representation joins established products such as GUK folding and inserting equipment, and Steinemann laminating products. 2011 saw the business expand into the digital market following an announcement regarding MGi digital printing and finishing equipment; and market-leading post-press inspection equipment from Mabeg.

M Partners offers manufacturers considerable marketing and business expertise across both the printing and packaging sectors and provides high-quality national coverage for sales, support and technical service.

The Joint Managing Directors established M Partners Ltd in 2006 after gaining many years of industry experience in senior management roles at a major press manufacturer and used equipment dealer. They were responsible for corporate and product marketing for pre-press, press, post-press and service, plus operational control for digital, consumables and used equipment divisions.




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