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Morgana to Distribute Valiani Cutting Tables

In Finishing on June 8, 2015 at 9:38 am

Morgana Systems Ltd, the UK’s leading manufacturer of equipment for digital finishing, is delighted to announce the addition of Valiani Mat Pro flatbed automated cutting tables to its UK range of post-press products.


The Italian manufactured cutting tables are available in three models: the Mat Pro Ultra 80, 120 and 150, with the largest having a working area of 1,515 x 1,051mm. All the models are available in a vacuum version for more demanding applications. A key feature of the Mat Pro Ultra is the patented tool change mechanism allowing tools to be changed in less than 30 seconds, meaning that the user can move from cutting to creasing, perforating or embossing very swiftly. A range of software and hardware accessories allows each cutting machine to be customised for different production requirements.

Click here to see the Mat Pro Ultra in action.

V-Studio is the Valiani Operating Software that drives the cutting, creasing, perforating and embossing operations, with specific modules available for particular tasks, such as packaging or board-mount applications.

Commenting on the reasons for adding the products to Morgana’s extensive range of finishing equipment, Ray Hillhouse, Vice President Offline Business at Morgana Systems said: “Many of our customers involved in digital production also produce large format printing. There is often a need for a cutting table for point-of-sales products and for ultra-short runs of digital packaging items, both for cut-sheet applications and large format. In addition to these, we have received interest from some of our die-cutting customers who are keen to make prototypes before going to the expense of having long run dies made. The Valiani range of cutting tables offers excellent value for money and great versatility.”

The Valiani products were initially introduced into Morgana’s sister companies PDF Sweden AB and PDF Baltics earlier this year. Both have had a great response from end users, with initial installations running extremely well.

As a business Valiani, based in Firenze, Italy, has almost 40 years experience in manufacturing cutting tables primarily for the framing industry, and has recently ventured into the graphics industry. The partnership with Morgana gives them instant access to a wide customer base entrenched in digital printing applications. Cutting thicknesses can be adjusted right through to a maximum of 5mm (5/16”) in 0.1mm increments.

Systems range from around £15,000 to £25,000, depending on configuration and software options.

About Morgana Systems Limited

Morgana Systems Limited provides an unrivalled range of digital finishing products from the simplest, entry-level creasing units through to highly sophisticated multi-functional systems offering a range of finishing capabilities in a single unit. Since its acquisition by Plockmatic in 2013 the product portfolio has been extended with a wide range of booklet making systems to meet every production requirement.

Beginning with the launch of the revolutionary AutoCreaser in 2000, Morgana Systems has led the way in developing new and innovative solutions to cope with the special requirements of the digital printer. Morgana products that have achieved worldwide success during this time include the AutoCreaser, the DigiFold combination creaser and folder, the DocuMaster total finishing system, and several specialist folders.

Morgana’s purpose built factory in Milton Keynes produces more than 4,000 finishing products each year, with over 80% of these destined for the company’s rapidly growing export markets.

Full details of Morgana’s product line-up can be found at:



Savings for The Print Academy (Yorkshire) with PressSave

In Offset Presses on June 4, 2015 at 11:02 am


The Print Academy (Yorkshire) Ltd, Bradford, has become the latest printer to start saving money on its ink spend following the installation of PressSave and PressProfiler software from Prepress UK, Cheltenham and Brighton, the independent supplier of pre-press hardware and software.

PressSave Colour Server is the highly affordable way to automatically optimise all PDF and image files to reduce unnecessary ink coverage, standardise colour, and save up to 25% in overall ink volume. The Print Academy is running the software to prepare files for production on its Heidelberg CD102 six-colour press. The B1 printer calculates savings in the region of 22 to 25% on ink costs since adding the software solution.

Commenting on the software product, Garry Burrows, Production Director at The Print Academy, said: “I was very surprised that such a simple software package could save us this much money! The Prepress UK team explained the benefits of adding PressSave and it really did sound too good to be true. However, within just a few days of getting used to the product the benefits were obvious, and have really stacked up in the first few weeks that we have been using it.

“The product goes hand-in-hand with the stringent environmental and green policies that we work to. The software further aids our bid to reduce our carbon impact. The Print Academy (Yorkshire) is officially recognised by The World Land Trust as a Carbon Balanced Publication Printer.

“Not only is this product about savings on the cost of ink used, it also produces a much more accurate colour, and doesn’t over ink the sheets, meaning printing dries faster, and back-ups are both quicker to produce and more effective. The ink suppliers might not like me for it, but I can really recommend PressSave to any printer!”

Nic Chapman, Director of Prepress UK, commenting on the product, said: “PressSave is a very simple but effective way for printers to make significant savings. Although there have been a number of similar products on the market in recent years, too many are over-priced, leaving printers less than satisfied at the overall results. This has given the whole concept of making savings through such software a bad name. An effective PressSave installation can be achieved for an investment in the region of £3,000: that is a sum that any printer can quickly recover from the savings that are delivered. It is also significantly less than some of the products that are being offered to the market, where sums of up to £25,000 have been mentioned for a products that do no more than PressSave delivers!”

The benefits of reducing ink coverage on a sheet are manyfold. Savings on ink are the headline news, but reducing drying time means faster on-press back-up, faster finishing, and faster job delivery. Less ink means reduced set-off issues, leading to less spoilt sheets and less waste. Reduced coverage and closer monitoring of ink laydown also gives the printer significantly more control over colour on the sheet.

Commenting on the technical aspects of the product, Andrew Aldridge, Technical Manager at Prepress UK, said: “PressSave works by applying Device-Link profiles via an incredibly fast colour server, using a combination of Grey Component Replacement (GCR) and Total Area Coverage (TAC) technology while maintaining pure primary and secondary colours. This all adds up to great benefits in cost, control and efficiency on press.”

Simple to Use

PDF or image files are simply placed in a hotfolder and PressSave takes care of the rest, delivering back a colour optimised file, ready for planning and output.

Get Saving Right Now

Printers are urged to call Prepress UK to discuss how they can start saving almost immediately by optimising files for predictable colour and ink savings every time they print: call 08450 520 701.

About Prepress UK

Prepress UK is an independent supplier of pre-press hardware and software. The company is able to provide significant experience and a professional and reliable approach to pre-press problems. With offices in Brighton and Cheltenham, the company provides specialised software solutions backed by an unparalleled personal service from initial enquiry through post sales support. If you have a pre-press problem, let Prepress UK solve it for you. Prepress UK supplies cost effective device independent prepress workflows; PDF and PostScript RIPs and RIP upgrades; CIP3 pre-press and press integration systems; technical support for existing systems; and colour management and ICC profile creation services.

Click here for more details on Prepress UK.


JH Label Solutions Installs First NI Xeikon Label Press

In Digital Presses on June 2, 2015 at 9:54 am

Xeikon, manufacturing innovator in digital label printing, has announced details of the installation of its first digital label press in Northern Ireland with a Xeikon 3030 label press now in place at JH Label Solutions, Lurgan.


JH Label Solutions (James Hamilton Group) were established almost seven years ago in order to produce high quality and fast turnaround labels for the food packaging industry, in which it was already involved. “Clear plastic packaging suddenly got very popular in the FMCG sector and that also that needed labelling,” said Keith Hamilton, Managing Director of JH Label Solutions (pictured above, right). “We relied on outsourcing labels prior, but eventually realized that there was a need in the market for a competitive, innovative, flexible with speed-to-market label printer. It was decided that we should buy our own UV flexographic press – we ended up with three in a very short time! Two eight-colour and one four-colour Nilpeter machines, as demand for our label output grew rapidly and as beverage customers also wanted our high quality and speed-to-market labels.”

“Digital is already beginning to follow a similar path. We recognised the trend in shorter run-lengths, multiple label types, and ever-tighter production deadlines. We had to react to our market and our customers’ market demands if we were to still lead the way in innovation, quality and speed. Label printing technology is moving very quickly and we needed to be at the forefront of it. We went to the Xeikon Café Exhibition towards the end of 2014, and they were able to show us the latest in digital printing technology.”

The Xeikon 3030 digital label press and offline Xeikon Dcoat finishing unit are now in production at the company’s Lurgan plant and Keith Hamilton is already surprised at the speed that the project is moving forward at: “The press was only up-and-running at beginning of February and already word is getting around and the machine is very busy,” added Keith Hamilton.

Xeikon 3030 is the narrow web entry-level press of the Xeikon 3000 Series. It is ideal for label converters looking to make their first move into digital production. In addition to prime label applications, the press is also suitable for producing promotional and transfer applications.

Xeikon 3030 has a variable web width ranging from 200 mm (7.9 inches) up to 330 mm (13 inches). It runs at a top speed of 9.6 m/min (31.5 ft/min) and can handle production volumes of up to 190 square meters/hour (294.5 MSI/hour). Based on customer requirements, the Xeikon 3030 can be field-upgraded to one of the higher speed and / or wider press models of the Xeikon 3000 Series.

The Xeikon Dcoat post-press unit that was provides for laminating, varnishing, die-cutting, and stripping. The unit is being used in an offline configuration.

“As is our style, we wanted to be at the forefront of the digital label business in Northern Ireland. We did major market research on digital machines around Europe and analysed their advantages and disadvantages and Xeikon stood out as the supplier of choice – they understand our ethos of innovation, technology, quality and speed-to-market solutions. We did see the Xeikon machines installed at some of their current customers, and they were very honest with us about the benefits of going digital, all of which helped us with our decision,” added Keith Hamilton.

Commenting about the machine installation on behalf of Xeikon, Filip Weymans. Director Segment Marketing and Business Development Labels and Packaging at Xeikon, said: “It is great to get our first machine into Northern Ireland, and to have been able to convince Keith and the team at JH Label Solutions that Xeikon is the perfect partner for them. Similar to what happened when they moved into flexographic label printing, I am sure that it will not be long before they are looking for a second Xeikon to support their digital move!”

About JH Label Solutions

JH Label Solutions are unique in many ways. We recognise the part our product contributes to your business and therefore we give every label unique attention. We focus on providing the perfect print solution. Whether you are a large production facility or a small corner shop, we can cater for every need. Consulting with the Brand Owners, Design Companies, Production Facilities and Contract Packers we ensure that, not only will our customers get a cost effective product but also one that functions perfectly in the production environment.

For further information on the company visit the web site here.

About Xeikon
Xeikon is an innovator in digital printing technology. The company designs, develops and delivers web-fed digital colour presses for labels and packaging applications, document printing, and commercial printing. These presses utilize LED-array-based dry toner electrophotography, open workflow software and application-specific toners.

As an OEM supplier, Xeikon designs and produces plate makers for newspaper offset printing applications. Xeikon also manufactures basysPrint computer-to-plate (CtP) solutions for the commercial printing market. These proven CtP systems combine the latest exposure techniques with cost-efficient UV plate technology, high imaging quality and flexibility.

For the flexographic market, Xeikon offers digital platemaking systems under the ThermoFlexX brand name.
ThermoFlexX systems provide high resolution plate exposure including screening, colour management, as well as workflow management.

All the Xeikon solutions are designed with the overarching principles of profitability, quality, flexibility and sustainability in mind. With these guiding principles and a deep, intimate knowledge of its customers, Xeikon continues to be one of the industry’s leading innovators of products and solutions.


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