The Print Show: Imprint to Show Live Links

In MIS on August 16, 2016 at 8:22 am

SFDC Job screen (002)

Imprint-MIS, the Chelmsford-based MIS specialist, will be showing V18 of its market leading Management Information System at The Print Show, IPIA Village Section, hot on the heels of it making a Drupa debut.

To better illustrate MIS in the workplace, the Imprint system at the show will be interfaced to both Horizon bindery equipment on the IFS stand (C30) and a Ryobi printing press on the Apex Digital Graphics stand (B39). Live links will show integration messaging from both the pressroom and the finishing department of a printing business.

The demonstrations will show real-time information coming into the system such as make-ready time for a job, running speed of equipment during job creation, as well as the effects of production on a real-time scheduling package running on the system.

Information delivered to the Imprint system will update the costing system, and allow straightforward comparison between the actual cost of production versus the estimated amount.

Commenting on the benefits of showing the Imprint system at The Print Show, Sales Director Wayne Beckett, said: “Because we can show live integration with equipment on the stands of our friends at Apex and IFS, visitors can get a genuine feel of how quickly the Imprint product can react to real-time information.

“Yes, we can show canned demonstrations anywhere, but to actually be able to see a press in operation on one stand at the show, see the information from that press being delivered to the MIS system, and then see the immediate effect of that information on both the production schedule and the cost of a job, for example, really does illustrate the power and the value of the product to a potential customer. The Print Show will deliver exactly what exhibitions should provide in the modern world – integration of products to show the benefits of all of the elements.”

An electronic overview of company and product performance can be delivered by Imprint to department heads or company management via a smartphone interface or via any screen that can connect to the web, meaning that the business can be monitored at all times.

Live integration with products featured on the IFS stand and the Apex stand will enable visitors to appreciate the benefits of full integration. For products where JMF is not available, Imprint offers its own SentinelNet machine monitoring, providing sensors linked together with software to provide real-time running information of a product.

Imprint V18

Imprint-MIS v18 is a software package that provides users with intelligent, responsive, and powerful solutions, including full JDF integration across the whole shop floor. The system includes Imprint’s powerful eXpert estimating, job bag create, accurate cost monitoring product control, job management, stock control, purchase order processing, and invoicing systems.

The v18 imprint desktop is a customisable window that each user logs into when using the system. Most tasks can be performed from the desktop without the need to go into different modules.

For a detailed overview of the system, see



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