iOS13 for iPhone Available Right Now

In Pre-Press on September 22, 2019 at 1:21 pm

So, whilst we now expect iPadOS13 to land on September 24th, iOS13 for the phone only is already available. You can download now. Interestingly, whilst things like dark mode and the swipe keyboard might appear to be the big advances, you can also now add a mouse to help operate your phone!


Why, you might well ask? OK, let me offer a scenario: you are a sales person out on the road, or a marketing exec on a train. You have new notes or e-mails to create, but your laptop or even your iPad is too bulky to carry around . . . enter the iPhone with added hardware!


First, add a Bluetooth mouse to your system. I’ve added a LogiTech MX Anywhere 2 device. Enter Settings, Accessibility, and then Touch. Switch AssistiveTouch to “on” and then scroll down to Devices. In Connected Devices you should see your mouse. Tap the name and you will see the Buttons on your mouse for you to define. My own reference is for Button 1 to be single-tap (most likely you will too); Button 2 to be Home; and Button 3 to be Screenshot (see the image above). There are plenty of other options. However, you also have an on- screen Menu for assertive touch – that grey blob at the bottom of the screen. Touch it and you will reveal a host of extra options (see the grey box on the home screen on the first photo).

Up to eight functions can be included, though if you include Device as one of them that will offer a second and third set of options.


Real-world benefits? It has been possible to add Bluetooth keyboards for many iterations of the iPhone, but because of this new mouse facility, a folding keyboard with a small integrated trackpad now works (such as the above). In my opinion this creates a great pocket sized package. Get a small sized stand and you have a very useable and easy to carry text entry system.


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