About Genesis Marketing

How do people find your business and your news in this digital age? A web presence is, of course, essential in today’s fast paced computer-driven world, but how often is your site updated? Every year; every six months; every month; every week; every day; or almost every hour? Unless it’s one of the last three, it’s probably not often enough!

What about your company and product news? Where is that going to surface, and who is going to read it? PrintWeek is still the main point of focus for everything print related, with a Daily bulletin e-mailed, and the highly dynamic web site with its regular updates. Do you keep in contact with the journalists at this market leading publication every week? Genesis Marketing does.

PrintBusinessPicOther industry resources are provided by the Print Business, Print Monthly, Print Solutions, and Digital Printer, to name but a few – many in both electronic and printed paper formats. Are you keeping in contact with these people too?

In the world of packaging, whilst Packaging News points the way with daily web updates, sites from Brunton Publishing (producer of Folding Carton magazine amongst other titles), web focused sites such as Packaging Europe, and print and online publications such as Packaging Today also need to be tracked. Specialist publications in niche areas can also provide important points of focus.

TwitterPageThen there is your social media activity: this is becoming ever more important in creating a presence and starting new chains of thought, as well as kicking off new ideas. What is your social media strategy? Do you have a Twitter feed on the go? What do you use it for? Do you post news and information on it every day? How many times a day?

Often closely allied to social media is a blog site. A blog can simply offer you a resource for re-posting news and stories, linking to social media sites, and providing an address for you to deliver your news and updates from.

Closely associated with the above is business networking sites such as LinkedIn. This site claims over 100 million members, often divided up into specialist groups: surely it has to be worth getting your name amongst them? Weekly updates, or comments, are the very least that you should be contributing.

Much of the above can be enhance by the incorporation of video. Use of the moving picture has been steadily growing over recent years, and is only likely to expand further. Are you ready for this next step in on-line marketing?

Hopefully all of these thoughts will make you want to re-draft your communications and marketing strategies. Why not drop Genesis Marketing a line and we can work through some detail with you, and provide that extra pair of hands that will be oh so useful!

As an alternative read, you are most welcome to visit our old style fairly static “About Me” page!

All the very best: Russ


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