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Hapa to Focus on Low-Migration Ink at InPrint

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Swiss-based Hapa AG, the global leader of innovative packaging printing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, will focus its exhibit at the forthcoming InPrint show in Milan, taking place November 15th to 17th, on its speciality ink products.

The Swiss producer offers application-specific, one-stop services for individual ink development and production to ink migration testing.

Since its inception back in 2014 the InPrint exhibition has provided a unique point of focus for industrial printing, bringing this sector of the industry to the attention of a wider audience. Hapa is a strong supporter of the event, and is looking forward to meeting the many visitors expected at the show.

Stand C41 will present a focus on low-migration inks for drop-on-demand ink jet production. Other Hapa printing products will be shown in video form, and a redcube inkjet unit will be on the stand for live demonstration and sample production.

Low-Migration Ink Products for DOD

Hapa Ink, a division of the Swiss specialists for printed packaging solutions, addresses a key concern for the packaging world: the unwanted transfer of ink substances and taint from packaging to product. Customer-specific low-migration ink is formulated by Hapa Ink to suit substrate, application, and production risk-levels. The company can also offer a complete service to ensure compliance and security.

In the packaging sector, public health and safety have to be at the forefront. It must be guaranteed that no ink substances in excess of quantities designated and regulated as harmful, transfer onto pharmaceuticals, foods, and cosmetics. To this end, Hapa Ink develops low-migration, solvent-free UV drop-on-demand inks that mitigate the risk of diffusion and set-off migration. The inks are specialised to each customer’s substrates, application, and production processes. Any ink-quantity levels can be supplied, no matter how large or how small.

The development and production of inks is done in a single lab, where a team of specialists put years of practical experience to work on low-migration inks.

Combining extensive know-how of printing systems and technologies, industry regulations, and sub-regulations, Hapa Ink can fulfil orders for inks that meet EU food safety standards. All low-migration inks from Hapa Ink contain materials on the Nestlé Positive List.

Problematic Migration and Set-off

Hapa Ink’s low-migration series of inks are ideal for printing on plastics, carton, paper, or label materials. The use of low-migration inks alone, however, is not all there is to meeting regulations. “The risk of ink migration or set-off remains even when using low-migration inks,” says Mathias Theiler, Head of Hapa Ink. “It is paramount that each application be carefully tested.”

Often, clients feel abandoned to the ink and material acceptance process, as the option of testing and making adjustments to the inks of low-volume orders is not offered by the larger ink producers. This simply never happens at Hapa Ink. Following the analysis, evaluation, and testing of each ink and application, comes the department’s forte: the carrying out any necessary adjustments that ensure the required values of the relevant regulations are met.

Comprehensive Testing Process from a Single Source

The interaction between packaging and product are both product and process dependent. To detect the risk of migration, realistic tests are necessary.

Migjen Rrahimi, Head of Ink Development, supports a wholly integrated approach: “We conduct migration tests in cooperation with certified institutes and under real conditions. This means the ink, substrate, product, printing system, and polymerization process are all taken into account.” Hapa Ink tests each component in a continuous process until the optimal results are reached. Thanks to this meticulous attention to details, the customer can rely on individualized inks being in compliance with the regulatory limits.

Highest Print Quality and White Opacity

Whether CMYK, white, or spot-colours, inks from Hapa Ink deliver the highest printing quality for a virtually unlimited range of applications. The inks meet cover requirements in a single pass of printing.

The UV DOD, low-migration Hapa Ink “Enserra” is applicable for various print heads from Konica Minolta (KM 512, KM 1024, KM 1024i, KM 1800i), Xaar (1001, 1002), and Kyocera (KJ4). Hapa Ink 27, a UV flexo ink, is also to found in the low-migration portfolio. Hapa Ink provides customers with more than individually designed products: the team is prepared to develop new inks to meet particular demands.

About Hapa and Hapa Ink

Hapa’s on-demand and late-stage-customization printing solutions improve lean production. It’s UV flexographic, UV DOD inkjet, and hybrid printing systems have long established Hapa as the global leader of in-house packaging-print solutions in the pharmaceutical industry.

Growth in the cosmetics, food, medical, and ink industries is dynamic. Hapa Ink is a department of Hapa. It develops, produces, and delivers individualized inks that are printing on plastic, aluminium, glass, and labelling materials of types.

The growth of the Hapa Ink division, and its expansion into the FMCG industries is dynamic. More than 170 Hapa employees work at the company headquarters near Zurich, Switzerland, and in sales and service centres worldwide.


New US Headquarters for Plockmatic Group

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The Plockmatic Group, owners of Plockmatic International and Morgana Systems Limited, are pleased to announce the opening of its new US headquarters based in Rochester, New York.

The new facility will house offices, a training centre, a showroom facility, and a warehouse, and will become the base for all the company’s operations in the US. The office will be located at the new Lehigh Crossing Office Park and is scheduled to open on August 1st 2016 with a series of open house events for partners and dealers.

The Plockmatic Group goes to market in North America through two business units: Plockmatic International, with a focus on the inline sector of the post-press equipment market, partnering with the key engine manufacturers to offer unique cost effective inline booklet making solutions. They also cover the mailing sector, selling inserting systems directly and through OEM partnerships.

The second business unit is Morgana Systems. This part of the business looks after all the offline products, including folders, creasers, offline booklet makers and PUR perfect binders. Product is taken to market through a key dealer network across the US and Canada.

Announcing the opening of the new office, Jan Marstorp, CEO of the Plockmatic Group, said: “The new Rochester facility gives us a base for all of our North American operations. We have big plans for growth in this market and need to increase our infrastructure and systems to provide even better support to our partners, our dealers and the customers they serve.”

In addition to long standing collaboration with Xerox and Ricoh, Plockmatic has recently announced new partnerships at Drupa with Canon and Konica Minolta. Commenting on the new facility in Rochester, Scott Russell, VP of Inline Sales, said: “The new facility in Rochester is key to our growth in the USA. We currently train over of 100 manufacturer’s technicians every year on this site, and that’s set to increase. We also offer second level technical support to our OEM partners from this base and have simply outgrown our current premises. This new office gives us a larger base to work from as we bring new partners on board, and also gives us direct control over our logistics for the region.”

The offline part of the Plockmatic business is handled by Morgana Systems – a business that has a huge base of machines in the US supported by a key dealer group. VP of Sales for the offline business, Ray Hillhouse, said: “We needed this new US facility to offer the better support to our dealer base. Previously our machine logistics were based in Canada and our parts distribution was from the UK. Having our own warehouse and staff in the US will allow us to provide a much more efficient service to our dealers, and in turn, to our base of end users.” Hillhouse continued: “Previously training was conducted either in the UK or at one of our dealers sites. Just having the technical centre alone will give us a much better opportunity to run in depth courses on all our products.”

The Plockmatic Group recently announced the purchase of KGS srl, the Italian-based manufacturer of PUR perfect binders for Morgana. Hillhouse added: “Having recently acquired KGS, we can now really increase the volume of PUR binders we are placing in North America. Having the new showroom in Rochester will allow us to demonstrate the full range of binders, and give us a place to do specific customer testing on their applications.”

About The Plockmatic Group

The Plockmatic Group, based in Stockholm Sweden, is a worldwide supplier of finishing solutions to the print and mailing markets. With over 40 years of experience, the company has built up a strong and solid reputation as an efficient and flexible solutions provider for offline and inline applications. The Plockmatic Group is a leader in the innovation, development and manufacture of new equipment and technology. The Group’s two key business units are Plockmatic International and Morgana Systems Limited.

Plockmatic International focuses on inline booklet making and feeding solutions for a growing base of print engine manufacturers, and also supplies a range of mail inserting solutions.

Morgana Systems Limited provides an unrivalled range of products designed specifically to overcome the challenges of finishing digitally printed work. Since its acquisition by The Plockmatic Group in 2013 the product portfolio has been extended with a wide range of offline booklet making systems to meet every production requirement.


Drupa: Morgana Launch New DigiFold & AutoCreaser

In Finishing on May 5, 2016 at 10:08 am

Morgana Systems Ltd, the UK’s leading manufacturer of equipment for digital finishing, today announced it will launch the next generation DigiFold Pro and AutoCreaser Pro at this year’s Drupa event in Düsseldorf. The new machines will take centre stage alongside new additions to the company’s bookletmaking systems, and a raft of upgrades to it’s successful DigiBook range of PUR perfect binders.

DigiFold HighCap small

Commenting on the new DigiFold Pro 385, Ray Hillhouse, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, said: “The DigiFold has long been the benchmark product in the creaser / folder sector. With the improvements in speed and productivity for the current crop of digital print engines, Morgana needs to provide an additional option for our customers. After surveying our DigiFold users, we’ve been able to address what they need as their digital production grows.”

One of the key changes from previous DigiFold models is the introduction of a high-capacity vacuum top-feeder that can take a sheet pile of up to 450mm. Once the size and thickness of stock are entered, all other feeder functions including air and vacuum settings, side guide positions, and fold roller gaps are automatically adjusted for quick and easy setup of jobs. Stock of up to 0.4mm can be creased and folded with virtually no cracking of the sheets or the toner on them.

Another new feature is the dual creasing blades, the Morgana DynaCrease, for creasing and folding applications at over 6,000 sheets per hour, and one for “creasing only mode” which allows the widest range of applications to be produced on one machine.

Ray Hillhouse added: “The new Pro 385 model will top the DigiFold range providing a heavy-duty machine for longer run applications of both digitally and litho printed work – it’s exactly what our larger customers have been asking for.”

In addition to the new DigiFold Pro, the AutoCreaser Pro 385 will also be shown, similarly benefiting from the new high-capacity feeder. Hillhouse continued: “The AutoCreaser is still our best-selling machine and the new Pro 385 will take us into higher volume applications with a heavier duty machine.”

As well as the new feeder, this version of the AutoCreaser will have a dual creasing blade and matrix, which is particularly useful if producing covers for perfect binding where the spine and hinge creases can be produced in one pass, or for those users who wish to change creasing profiles regularly. The new AutoCreaser Pro 385 can run at up to 8,500 sheets per hour.

About Morgana Systems Limited

Morgana Systems Limited provides an unrivalled range of digital finishing products from the simplest, entry-level creasing units through to highly sophisticated multi-functional systems offering a range of finishing capabilities in a single unit. Since its acquisition by Plockmatic in 2013 the product portfolio has been extended with a wide range of booklet making systems to meet every production requirement.

Beginning with the launch of the revolutionary AutoCreaser in 2000, Morgana Systems has led the way in developing new and innovative solutions to cope with the special requirements of the digital printer. Morgana products that have achieved worldwide success during this time include the AutoCreaser, the DigiFold combination creaser and folder, the DocuMaster total finishing system, and several specialist folders.

Morgana’s purpose built factory in Milton Keynes produces more than 4,000 finishing products each year, with over 80% of these destined for the company’s rapidly growing export markets.

Full details of Morgana’s product line-up can be found at:


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