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PCP Orders Nine-Colour RMGT Perfector Press

In Offset Presses on March 5, 2017 at 4:02 pm

Telford-based Precision Colour Printing (PCP) Ltd, one of the leading UK magazine and commercial printing companies, has announced details of an order for an RMGT (Mitsubishi) 1050 Tandem Perfector press to replace an existing Mitsubishi machine and enhance its sheet-fed printing capabilities. The press has been purchased from Surrey-based MPL Ltd, the UK distributor for RMGT (Mitsubishi) presses.


The machine is specified as an RMGT 1050 TP 9. It features nine printing units in a 4-over-5 configuration, built in the unique tandem perfector arrangement, complete with chamber coater unit and an extended delivery.

Commenting on the purchase decision, Alex Evans, Managing Director of PCP, said: “Any press investment is a critical decision for a printer. We wanted to make sure we made the right one. After looking at a number of presses and manufacturers at Drupa 2016 we saw a number of presses in action in printers across the UK and Europe.

“Having made the decision to purchase the Mitsubishi, we are now looking forward to the installation of a very exciting press – we believe that this new machine is unique in our market, and will allow us to provide a whole range of new and exciting products for our customer portfolio.

“The 4-over-5 configuration, supported by a coating unit, will provide a full UV drying system, with both inter-unit and after coater curing lamps. It will allow for such techniques as drip off varnish for spot and matt UV, metallic inks, and flood UV in one pass. It is the only press of this configuration and specification in Europe and offers PCP a major opportunity to stand out in the magazine covers sector.”

Installation of the new press at PCP’s Telford site will take place in August of this year. The £40-million turnover business employs some 250 personnel at the 13-acre site. The new press will join a Heidelberg SM10P sheet-fed machine and Komori and manroland web presses.

Commenting on the order on behalf of MPL, Mark Stribley, Joint Managing Director, said: “The 24/7 production of a business like PCP requires the reliability and peace of mind that can only be offered by RMGT equipment. We are delighted that Alex and his team have chosen our product for this project and are looking forward to working closely with them through the installation period and beyond.”

This latest investment is valued at over £2.7 million.



Another ROTOMAN DirectDrive for AVD Goldach AG

In Offset Presses on February 13, 2014 at 9:18 am

The highly specialized Swiss magazine printer AVD Goldach AG has invested several million Euros in a new 16-page ROTOMAN DirectDrive from manroland web systems.


The new ROTOMAN DirectDrive, which will be installed in 2015, is the sixth manroland web systems press for ADV Goldach AG. The investment decision shows their trust in the excellent quality and reliability of the German press manufacturer. The purchase also shows a willingness to invest in the future of print to provide maximum quality and reliability to their customers. The new press enables a highly economic printing of magazines with up to 48-pages or even more with runs of just 3,000 copies. This is very interesting for corporate publishing, such as customer and staff magazines, and an appealing, cost-effective alternative to sheetfed printing.

Flexible and efficient production

The four-unit ROTOMAN DirectDrive demonstrates high performance, with up to 65,000 cylinder revolutions per hour. The 16-page press was developed for printers in dynamic markets as a highly efficient and flexible solution for the printing of magazines. This is mainly possible due to the folder incorporating an extensive folder-superstructure providing for ultra-modern finishing technologies. The new operating system, which was launched at drupa 2012, provides modern automation features and the latest technologies. The manroland web systems ControlCenter is the most progressive operating system in the printing industry and part of the suppliers One Touch philosophy. All relevant information can be seen at a glance and the operator can interact intuitively with finger tip control at any place and at any time.

With this huge financial investment AVD Goldach AG sets a clear direction for the future of print. “We really believe in today’s printing industry. However, it is a fact that we have to be more flexible to meet the publisher’s demands,” says Kai Hebel, owner and Managing Director at AVD Goldach.

“To be competitive and successful, the modern print product needs to be extraordinarily efficient and flexibly designed. That’s why we chose to invest in the new ROTOMAN DirectDrive from manroland web systems, as this press perfectly measures up to our expectations and those of our customers.”


World’s First 160-page LITHOMAN Begins Operation

In Offset Presses on November 18, 2013 at 10:25 am

The world’s largest heatset commercial press from manroland web systems began operation on schedule at Kraft-Schlötels, part of the WKS Druckholding Group, in Wassenberg, Germany.


At drupa, May 2012, WKS Druckholding and manroland web systems set up a joint project to create the “world’s largest heatset commercial press”. Around 18 months later, on November 13, 2013, the idea has become reality: the two-web 80-page LITHOMAN with a total of web width of 4.5 meters is the equivalent of a 160-page press. The machine demonstrated its performance to customers, suppliers, media, and guests invited from the worlds of politics and business at Kraft-Schlötels in Wassenberg.

“For this project, we approached the press technology purely from the perspective of our customers. We intensively analyzed our customers’ needs regarding the flexibility of page numbers, formats, and product design, and tried to implement them as far as possible. As a result, a press was developed, which, on the one hand, consists of conventional press components that have never before combined in this way (two-web 80-page presses). On the other hand, we also devised our own conceptions on folding technology that have given rise to extensive new designs at press supplier companies. Our new LITHOMAN press design now reflects our technological concepts regarding flexible and economic production.” Dr. Ralph Dittmann, Manager of WKS, was obviously impressed by the 160-page LITHOMAN press at its official start of production.

The LITHOMAN will mainly be used to produce magazines, catalogues, and supplements. Veit Müller, Executive Sales Manager at manroland web systems, explains the significance of 160-pages in the production network: “The two LITHOMAN presses are operated together since they are equipped with one cutter module. This module was adapted to our customer WKS’s ideas and provides completely new production options. In addition, the newly designed folder superstructure with three formers allows operators to run over up to twelve paper ribbons. This combination results into a previously undreamt of productivity and product options. Buzzwords like continuous two-page increments, complete flexibility in register products, a combination of two paper types, up to 500,000 products per hour, and format variability have suddenly become reality.”

WKS is one of the leading web offset companies in Germany and consistently orients itself toward customer needs. As a leader in innovation, the printing house has once again relied on Augsburg press technology: “The LITHOMAN presses have absolutely proven themselves in daily operation when it comes to printing stability, quality, and, above all, productivity.”

Eckhard Hoerner-Marass, Managing Director of manroland web systems, emphasized the excellent cooperation with the immensely committed WKS specialists: “WKS had very clear ideas on production diversity and the resulting demands on the production process. Our colleagues from sales and design collaborated with WKS in a creative process to draft the press concept. The result: a unique LITHOMAN press with customized technology.”

Extraordinary configuration

WKS now produces at sites in Wassenberg and Essen with eight manroland web systems commercial web offset presses ranging from 32 to 80 pages. As part of the current investment, several older systems were decommissioned. The two-web 80-page LITHOMAN with a total of web width of 4.5 meters is the equivalent of a 160-page press. As a result, it sets the benchmark for maximum productivity, producing up to 50,000 revolutions per hour. This LITHOMAN is something truly extraordinary for everyone involved. It features ultimate automation: in addition to the fully-automatic AutomaticPlateLoading APL®, the ClosedLoop systems developed by manroland to control inline fanout, colour, and cut-off registers have also been integrated. These features optimize effective machine operation and reduce waste.

Combining the advantages of different commercial printing processes

In the past, web offset printing already offered a wide range of production options. With this extensive development step now completed, Eckhard Hoerner-Marass sees manroland web systems well prepared for the future: “manroland web systems now offers presses ranging from 16-pages to 160-pages for commercial web printing. We have already completely filled the fields of high quality, cost-effective and quick printing form production, as well as maximum flexibility and productivity with our web offset presses for small, medium, and large runs.

“Now, we have managed to perfectly supplement our range of offerings and provide our customers with tailored, highly efficient press concepts, even for demands such as extremely large print runs and format variability.”


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