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manroland web systems boosts profit and market share

In Web Presses on February 17, 2016 at 2:06 pm

manrolandAugs sml

manroland web systems from Augsburg, Germany, recorded a significant increase in profit and market share in the financial year of 2015. With a profit margin of around 3%, the printing press manufacturer’s result increases to 6.2 million euros. The market share in new press business for web offset systems grew to 45% and the solutions in digital postpress from manroland web systems have established themselves further on the market. Profitability is expected to grow even further in 2016.

manroland web systems has managed to develop its market position in a still challenging economic environment. The incoming orders taken by the company group grew by more than 10% to around 260 million euros in comparison to 2014. The global market share for new web offset printing presses is around 45% (36% previous year). The fully completed restructuring measures from 2014 as well as the improved situation in use of capacities have also had a major impact. “In 2015, the manroland web systems company group generated a positive operating result of 6.2 million Euros before interest and taxes (EBIT). An order backlog in new press business of more than 150 million euros gives reason to expect good use of factory capacities and a further increase in profitability for manroland web systems in 2016”, reports Managing Director Jörn Gossé.

Not including external personnel and trainees, as of December 31, 2015, the company had a total staff of 1,200 worldwide, 1,068 of which at the Augsburg site. manroland web systems will also be taking on all trainees and young skilled workers who are finishing training in 2016. The company is currently training 63 young people in total in various technical and commercial professions and will be offering 16 new traineeship placements starting in September 2016.

Major successes

The wide range of newspaper printing presses from manroland web systems was showcased in 2015 with the successful start-up of the COLORMAN e:line at Druckhaus Bamberg as well as the order for a CROMOMAN 4-1 placed by Namasthe Telangana in India. The need for upgrades and retrofits is unrelenting in the newspaper segment in particular, but also in commercial printing presses, proven by a press relocation and a GEOMAN reconfiguration by Fairfax Media, New Zealand. In commercial printing, LITHOMAN systems have been equipped with the new InlineCutoff Control dynamic (ICCd) at Baumann Druck, Kulmbach, Germany, for the same reason. Long-term service contracts, for example with COLORMAN e:line customer Nation Media, Kenya, confirm manroland web system’s claim to be the “best-in-class service partner”. manroland web systems has managed to secure new press orders for commercial offset printing in nearly all regions of the world. Growing demand in the USA and, in particular, the West European market is proving to be very innovative. Orders include major jobs such as four 96-page LITHOMAN presses.

Digital finishing success

manroland web systems has managed to develop its digital postpress business even further. The FoldLine and FormerLine Inline-Finishing units are taking the world by storm. One reason is manroland web system’s openness to various digital printing press manufacturers. Orders from South America, Africa, and Middle East attested to this in 2015. The workflow expertise of manroland web systems is frequently integrated into the production facilities with the WorkflowBridge and MasterQ software solutions. The production start of the FoldLine at Mengis Druck AG and Imprimerie de l’Avesnois were crucial for the newspaper industry in 2015. Swiss Mengis Druck AG consistently is first in the world to continuously print a daily newspaper digitally. Imprimerie de l’Avesnois produces various weekly newspapers in digital form in northern France to boost individualization and therefore the attractiveness of printed products.

Starting 2016 with confidence

In web offset printing, the starting point for manroland web systems is a branch environment at a stagnating level. Within this framework, the German company wants to develop its market position in newspapers and commercial web offset further and remain an innovative driver in industrial digital printing. The sector’s leading trade fair, drupa 2016 in Düsseldorf (May 31.-June 10, 2016), offers the ideal platform.




GenesisNews Printing Blog: 100,000 Not Out!

In Printing Industry News on November 30, 2013 at 4:58 pm

This last day of November 2013 has seen the visitor clock at the bottom of the GenesisNews screen tick over to 100,000 visits: a huge thank-you to all who have taken the time to come along and view our scribblings on the print, packaging, and publishing arena’s.


A minor landmark for many of the larger web publishers I am quite sure, but for our humble blog this is a big number, and something worth celebrating!

This last year has seen a reduction in visitor numbers at GenesisNews due largely to the closure of PIND (Printing Industry News Digest), our regular weekly view on life. By and large, as a separate publication, we felt that PIND had run its course, done its job, and needed to be put out to pasture.


Tech & Comms Also Hits 20,000

Waiting in the wings was our Tech & Comms news feed. This daily web based news service for technology as it effects pre-press, print, and publishing has stepped up to the plate and has effectively replaced PIND with a stream of latest hot tech topics. Views on this page have recently burst through the 3,500 visits per month mark, and it is now actually eclipsing GenesisNews monthly reads. By coincidence, in the same week that GenesisNews reached its 100,000 target, the technology news site has now hit 20,000 visits.


Do please continue to view at the GenesisNews blog, plug the RSS feed into your Feedly (or other!) feed reader, or follow the latest developments via our Twitter stream @GenesisNews. For a techie view of our print and publishing world with regular, daily updates do also take a look at our Tech & Comms News web page, which you can find at Tech & Comms News.  Again you might want to lift the RSS news data from here to plug into your preferred news reader, or follow the news as it happens via the Twitter address @TechAndComms


96-page LITHOMAN for Em de Jong

In Offset Presses on June 19, 2013 at 8:09 am

The Dutch print shop Em De Jong, Baarle-Nassau, has announced details of an investment in a 96-page LITHOMAN. The new press will come into operation in early 2014. The performance and production flexibility of the new press from manroland web systems are both significant. The machine will replace four 16-page rotary presses.


Strong on the market with maximum web width: the 96-page LITHOMAN matches the success of the largest Dutch printer for retail advertising. How did Em De Jong decide on this investment? The printer sought a heatset commercial press that was able to produce a large variety of supplements with maximum performance.
The 96-page LITHOMAN fitted Em De Jong’s profile. The tailormade folding combination also impressed the company. Located on the Belgian border in Baarle-Nassau, Em De Jong wants to use the technological possibilities of the LITHOMAN to intensify penetration in nearby markets such as Belgium, France, and Germany. The company owns Dutch printing houses Janssen/Pers and Kampert-Nauta, and the Belgian Mercator Press.

New fold possibilities discovered

The heatset fleet at Em De Jong’s Baarle-Nassau site is impressive: it already consists of eight heatset configurations between eight and 80 pages, including an 80-page LITHOMAN from manroland web systems. Managing Director Stijn de Jong explains, “Today, we need ultimate efficiency to produce more and more in ever smaller timeframes. This is only possible with continuous investments in the latest technologies. It’s hard to believe that, until 2005, we were printing everything on 16-page presses.”

The 96-page LITHOMAN will be the highest performing heatset press in the Benelux region: a machine that is set to produce many orders more efficiently. Competition in the commercial sector is fierce and fast. Print service providers are expected to be flexible while providing high quality up to the last copy, at low costs per copy. The 96-page LITHOMAN is the ideal choice for tackling these tasks and will produce nearly five million A4 pages per hour with a web width of 2,860 mm and eight ribbons. The Inline Control systems for cut-off and colour register, as well as fan-out control, ensure optimum product quality. APL (AutomaticPlateLoading) automatically changes the printing plates (featuring an impressive 1.28 x 2.87 meters) on the printing couples. With an unusual fold configuration, Em De Jong will be able to produce an impressive variety of printed products: two folders have been integrated to enable both long and short grain production. This provides the printer with a competitive edge and offers customers true added value.



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