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GenesisNews Printing Blog: 100,000 Not Out!

In Printing Industry News on November 30, 2013 at 4:58 pm

This last day of November 2013 has seen the visitor clock at the bottom of the GenesisNews screen tick over to 100,000 visits: a huge thank-you to all who have taken the time to come along and view our scribblings on the print, packaging, and publishing arena’s.


A minor landmark for many of the larger web publishers I am quite sure, but for our humble blog this is a big number, and something worth celebrating!

This last year has seen a reduction in visitor numbers at GenesisNews due largely to the closure of PIND (Printing Industry News Digest), our regular weekly view on life. By and large, as a separate publication, we felt that PIND had run its course, done its job, and needed to be put out to pasture.


Tech & Comms Also Hits 20,000

Waiting in the wings was our Tech & Comms news feed. This daily web based news service for technology as it effects pre-press, print, and publishing has stepped up to the plate and has effectively replaced PIND with a stream of latest hot tech topics. Views on this page have recently burst through the 3,500 visits per month mark, and it is now actually eclipsing GenesisNews monthly reads. By coincidence, in the same week that GenesisNews reached its 100,000 target, the technology news site has now hit 20,000 visits.


Do please continue to view at the GenesisNews blog, plug the RSS feed into your Feedly (or other!) feed reader, or follow the latest developments via our Twitter stream @GenesisNews. For a techie view of our print and publishing world with regular, daily updates do also take a look at our Tech & Comms News web page, which you can find at Tech & Comms News.  Again you might want to lift the RSS news data from here to plug into your preferred news reader, or follow the news as it happens via the Twitter address @TechAndComms


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