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Izi Hicks is to Run the London Marathon, 2017

In Printing Industry News on February 7, 2017 at 9:08 am


My dear darling daughter, Izi Hicks, has entered and been accepted to run in this year’s London Marathon, to be run on April 23rd of this year!

Although she has completed a number of half marathons already, this will be her first 26 mile event. Training is going well (and so are the new running shoes that Dad had to buy her for her birthday!).

She is running to raise money for a charity that supports children with cancer (and yes, she was hoping to be accepted by one of the MS charities, but they were all over-subscribed!).

Children with Cancer UK helps many young children, and their parents, to cope after hearing the devastating news of their diagnosis. These young patients can’t help themselves, but the charity aims to fund research and treatment as well as give these young lives experiences to remember.

Any donation that you are able to give will go towards an amazing charity that works so hard to help children who are unable to help themselves.

With your help the charity will be able to spend on research to help find the causes, fund prevention, and help with treatments for patients. It will also be able to fund welfare programmes for children who already have cancer, helping to improve the time they have left for both the children and their families.

If you are able to assist Izi to reach her fundraising target please do click on this link to her fundraising page:

Many thanks for reading this, and special thanks if you are able to give some support to Izi and her chosen charity,

Best Regards, Russ Hicks


GenesisNews Printing Blog: 100,000 Not Out!

In Printing Industry News on November 30, 2013 at 4:58 pm

This last day of November 2013 has seen the visitor clock at the bottom of the GenesisNews screen tick over to 100,000 visits: a huge thank-you to all who have taken the time to come along and view our scribblings on the print, packaging, and publishing arena’s.


A minor landmark for many of the larger web publishers I am quite sure, but for our humble blog this is a big number, and something worth celebrating!

This last year has seen a reduction in visitor numbers at GenesisNews due largely to the closure of PIND (Printing Industry News Digest), our regular weekly view on life. By and large, as a separate publication, we felt that PIND had run its course, done its job, and needed to be put out to pasture.


Tech & Comms Also Hits 20,000

Waiting in the wings was our Tech & Comms news feed. This daily web based news service for technology as it effects pre-press, print, and publishing has stepped up to the plate and has effectively replaced PIND with a stream of latest hot tech topics. Views on this page have recently burst through the 3,500 visits per month mark, and it is now actually eclipsing GenesisNews monthly reads. By coincidence, in the same week that GenesisNews reached its 100,000 target, the technology news site has now hit 20,000 visits.


Do please continue to view at the GenesisNews blog, plug the RSS feed into your Feedly (or other!) feed reader, or follow the latest developments via our Twitter stream @GenesisNews. For a techie view of our print and publishing world with regular, daily updates do also take a look at our Tech & Comms News web page, which you can find at Tech & Comms News.  Again you might want to lift the RSS news data from here to plug into your preferred news reader, or follow the news as it happens via the Twitter address @TechAndComms


Printing Industry News Digest No.139, March 24, 2013

In Printing Industry News on March 25, 2013 at 9:10 am

Welcome to Printing Industry News Digest (PIND) issue 139, providing a summary of major news items from the printing, publishing, packaging, digital, and communications technology sectors. PIND incorporates brief summaries and links to the week’s key news stories so that you can look up that all important detail, digging deeper behind the headline.

Excel to host IPEX 2014, but without the big H?IPEX 2014 grabs the headlines yet again this week with the publication of an open letter to all IPEX stakeholders, as first published via on Thursday of last week, aimed at promoting the positives of print. A series of cost saving measures for exhibitors have also been communicated as organisers Informa seek to show their understanding of the price of shows in these harsh economic times.

Prior to all of that excitement, the build up to its stable-mate show, North Print & Pack, is well underway. The Harrogate-based exhibition is the only major print focused show in the country this year, and the last event of any significant size in the run up to next years IPEX exhibition.

Digital or offset?“Why Newspapers Still Matter” lecture occurs in the same week as debate continues in UK re Leverson, while newsrooms continue to cut back on journalists, and contract print revenues continue to struggle.

Shareholder unrest in the digital world as HP sees big protest vote against re-election of directors.

GoogleReaderThe Google Reader issue won’t go away. TechCrunch asks what of those users just stop using a news feed system. It also takes a look at the history of the feed reader. Feedly is tipped as the likely successor for many users, but who pays for all of that server power that this will require?

Google has, however, this week introduced a new package: Google Keep is a note-taking tool. Nothing sensational, but it might be another handy solution to those of us with failing memories! [still recommend Evernote though!]

Google Drive: get two!Meanwhile, a realtime API interface with Google Drive is now something that developers can get excited about.

Android Tips: Regular readers just knew it wouldn’t take us long to start fiddling with the screen display of the Note II phone – the arrival of which was posted just last week. Our first screen creation on this device offers a decidedly monochrome theme, inspired by a glorious wallpaper image, coupled with some of the basic thoughts of the Holo Cards theme recently shown on this site, and a semi-transparent icon set entitled Glasklart. Our favourite Nova launcher provides the base, which allows us to employ a 5 x 9 grid and six dock buttons: phone, email, settings, text message, Opera browser, and Spotify. A basic nine app buttons reside in the lower / centre of the screen. We find this “simple” structure easier on the eye. The straightforward analogue clock face follows this same principle.

MonochromeThe four additional buttons along the top of the screen are in fact page-links. They connect to four additional screens offering further apps grouped by topic. The four buttons shown lead to: a tech settings page; a files page, including links to our favourite cloud storage sites; a “play” set of apps, including music, TV, films, and books; and a “links” page, including bookmarks to regularly visited news, print, and sports sites. Each of these pages includes a similar set of icons at the top of the screen, with the addition of a home button to return to the “home” screen.

Additionally, a swipe down the screen will take the user to a digital clock screen combined with weather info, along with an open Google-based diary for today with the next four appointments on show. A swipe up the screen offers a quick route to the browser with news headlines. For more technical details email

Keep your finger on the pulse: grab an RSS feed of PIND (copy this link into your feed reader); click here for the GenesisNews #Print Daily to get the latest daily stories; or click here for regular Tech & Comms updates in blog or RSS form. You can also connect to a free subscription of the Print Daily for an update on print, publishing, packaging and associated technology delivered straight to your in-box every day! For details on Genesis Marketing – publishers of PIND – click here.


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